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Body hair removal

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  • Body hair removal

    What is an effective and long lasting way to remove body hair? I tried removing some hair that caused itching, only for it to begin to regrow after a day.

  • Well to limit the itches of shaving. So try waxing and you can go along for 4 to 6 weeks before you need to redo it again. This is the practice my wife has done for many years. She even gets the kit and does it her self.
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    • What part of the body is the hair you want removed? You can wax, as MG says, or look into laser treatments. I also have used the home wax kits, and they're not difficult to use at all, and much less expensive & less embarrassing than going to a professional.
      There are other hair removal creams & electronic devices that I've heard work reasonably well.


      • I tried to remove hair below my waist across my bikini line, as it itches, but it's started to regrow after shaving. I was told you couldn't use hair removal cream on that part, but is that true? Laser treatments are really expensive, I've seen how much they can cost!


        • There are creams formulated for the area, yes, just read the label. But, it isn't permanent either, the hair will grow back. Waxing lasts longest probably.


          • I'm wary about waxing a sensitive area like that. Also, how long will it approximately last? I've waxed my legs before, and that lasted for six weeks, but is all body hair the same or not?


            • I think it depends on your own body's hair regrowth schedule. My hair grows fast, seems to be much faster than many women I know, and confirmed by my stylist. It's a miniscule difference actually, but when we're thinking in terms of millimeters of regrowth over a week or 2, then it becomes significant.
              Anyway, I'd encourage you to try waxing. Take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen, or whatever your usual OTC pain reliever may be an hour or so prior, & give it a go. It really isn't as painful as you probably imagine & the discomfort is just a few seconds. I do it without any ibuprofen, and it's tolerable. It's all over in 5 minutes or so.
              Test a small area first, and follow all the warnings & instructions given. It really isn't difficult or unbearingly uncomfy


              • Thanks. My hair grows different rates in different areas. I've waxed my legs before, and I found that painful, but the hair didn't grow back for six weeks, like I said. I think I will try waxing, then I can tweeze any stray hairs I missed. Hopefully removal of the hair will prevent the area itching again.


                • I don't have the uncomfortable itch and irritation with waxing. That's a big plus.


                  • Good. Plus, which waxing method is better? The wax strips you buy or the pot of wax that you warm up and spread on the area and pull off?


                    • I use the tub.


                      • The strips are more comfortable to use but also more expensive.


                        • I just asked because I wondered which was better to use. I've only used the strips before, is the tub of wax any better? Or are strips better


                          • I've used both, prefer the tub because I just found it easier...I think it's personal preference.


                            • So what did you decide on? How's it working for you?


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