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The guide for buying clip in hair extensions.

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  • The guide for buying clip in hair extensions.

    About buying clip in hair extensions, the choices can seem daunting like there are so many selections to choose from with varying cost points.
    Clip in hair extensions is an excellent way to quickly change your style

    Kinds of hair

    There are 4 main kinds of clip in hair extension; synthetic hair, remy hair, Non-Remy, and virgin hair.

    Synthetic hair is commonly made from plastic or acrylic and has one big benefit over human hair, it's very cheap

    Remy hair is human natural hair where the cuticle mains intact and the strands are exactly sorted to ensure that they maintain the reason to tip arrangement. Remy hair can commonly be colored and heat styled just like your natural hair.

    Non-Remy hair is stripped of its cuticle prior to sorting

    Virgin Hair is hair that hasn't been treated in some way and is tied and bundled before cutting to ensure root to tip control is maintained.
    Remy hair can commonly be colored

    Weight of hair

    Human hair extensions will commonly give knowledge on the weight of hair in the pack, although be mindful that this doesn't include the clips. The weight of the human hair is a good suggestion of the depth of the hair and, in common, the higher, the weight, the higher the thickness and volume of the hair extensions will be.

    Length of hair

    Now is a quick guide to where different length would fall on your body, although those could vary depending on your height.


    You should commonly find a color that would match your natural hair or colored hair and most retailers of hair extensions would offer a color matching service. Remember that remy hair and virgin hair could be dyed to match your hair color specifically at a later date.

    Hopefully, that would give you the information you need to make an informed choice when buying your clip in hair extensions.

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  • Superb post!!! This post helped us to buy hair extensions. I would thanks michair for sharing such useful tips. On doing a lots of research on hair extensions I found some useful resources with huge collection of hair extensions.
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    • This is a basic tutorials for blending hair extensions for short hair girls like me, cause I am an hair style girl!! With different hair extensions and know how to clip-in, girls are able to create different whichever they want!!
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      • I really like this post. It is very inspiring and useful.


        • These tips are very useful. Do you have guides for hair bonding? I think I like hair bonding more because it has more possibility to stay longer its place than clip ins.
          About buying clip in hair extensions, the choices can seem daunting like there are so many selections to choose from with varying cost points. http://michair.vn/Fi


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