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  • Bikini/brazilian

    Hi guys,

    was just wondering what you guys do to remove hair in the bikini area -- do you wax/shave?

    I wax from time to time, but it's not something I can do regularly I think!
    I've never shaved, but only because I don't really know how to go about it -- will it itch? Do you use a regular razor (the same razor you use for legs)? What about the butt area?

  • Shave. I've never waxed that area. Can't imagine. I've had many friends who have waxed though and they're still alive to tell about it.

    One friend is getting the laser hair removal done and loves the results.
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    • Waxing is the best - and easiest - way to deal with the bikini line. It isn't too painful and is a popular method of hair removal. It lasts longer, too.


      • A trick I've learned from a woman I've dated many years ago: apply a very moist, hot towel to your bikini area. Allow the towel to remain in position for at least a minute. Use good quality shaving cream. Shave Butter and Neutrogena shave creams work well. Begin by shaving with direction of hair growth followed by against hair growth. Now this is very important: wipe the shaved area clean. Then apply Shave Butter or Neutrogena shaving cream to the area shaved. I can darn near guarantee that you won't experience a single razor bump.

        I've watched my old g/f shave her bikini line may times. She never did it in a shower. It took her very little time if she kept up with her routine. She never had exposed pubic hair when she was in her bikini.

        If you haven't shaved your bikini area in a while, you'll need to trim it with clippers or scissors before shaving.

        If you know the bikini you'll be wearing, you'll know how much and where you have to shave. A couple years ago, low cut bikini bottoms were the female beach fashion. So Shaving a lot off of the top was required. But that style seems to be out of date. I've seen far more thong bikinis on beaches so far this year than very revealing low cut bikinis.

        BTW, the bush is back in vogue. A waxer told me recently that Brazillian is out of style. So you can escape having to shave your entire pubic region.


        • Popcorn & Candy,

          You're right about waxing. However, my g/f rarely waxes. She used to wax, tried laser, and is back to Fusion. Shaving is easier, faster, and more convenient for her.

          She told me that waxing certain areas of her groin area is painful.


          • Beautiful Dancer,

            I agree. Shave.


            • As the sun shines and the temperature increases one would prefer to lie on the beach. My sister has recently purchased a pink halter neck crop bikini top and bottom from online store and was also in same dilemma i.e whether to shave or wax the bikini area. Click here to view the bikini style. She read somewhere that doing waxing causes pain but reduces the growth after some time whereas shave darkens the area.
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