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what do men prefer?

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  • I'm a guy, and I love it when a woman is very hairy... I love to feel it on my face. In fact, unless the inner labia are really big, it enhances the look (nothing's sexier than big labia!)


    • Natural or baby hair is the best. I wonder why my friend marry a very hairy man. Maybe it's because she likes his personality. Y'all sounds like you study the bush in detail-shape and texture. Usually I dont bother with such details.
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      • I personally don't like anything more than a landing strip. All off suits me just fine.
        No matter how objective we try to be, we all see through our own eyes...


        • I think it is a personal choice.But there is a trend now-a-days to get it clean and shaved.Because many feel it irritating.


          • I like both ways. Trimmed into shapes, shaved completely bald and full natural growth. The key is variety. This past winter my GF let her legs and Vagina area growth natural until just this week. My GF is Asian and I was pleasantly surprised to just how much hair growths on her shins and Vagina area. I always thought Asian woman were nearly hairless. I guess it depends on the genetics and what you eat. We were at the beach last week and I can proudly say she handled the looks and stares like water of a ducks back. I found I like the change and was turned on by her big bush. Now she has smooth legs again and shave her ********** completely. It sure brings spice to life.


            • I do shave but not for a guy. I found that regardless of using a pad or tampon it's easier to feel clean during that time of the month. I say forget what they want and do what makes you happy, if he leaves then he wasn't worth it in the beginning.


              • I have had a talk with my husband way earlier and he said he wouldn't care as long as I feel comfortable. Then I asked for a real answer and he said he wants it all shaved, haha. Personally if I was a man I would go for the shaved version too, I just believe it gives it a more cleaner and attractive look, but it could be just me.


                • Variety, The woman I shared with my GF just today was shaved with only a tiny V. I could not feel a single hair anywhere else on her body. While my GF was full and natural. I love both


                  • I'm not a guy, but I personally would not ever go all natural down there if someone I was with wanted me to. I honestly feel very dirty when I haven't shaved in a while and prefer no hair down there >< As for guys, I don't like a lot of hair down there on him! Mostly because oral isn't pleasant if he's hairy. I don't mind a bit of 'stubble' like my boyfriend, he doesn't seem to mind when I have a bit of 'stubble' down there. I do get rid of it whenever I can though, and what I mean by whenever I can is that I usually let it grow a bit because if I shave the 'stubble', it hurts and leaves it sort of patchy and makes me bleed


                    • they'll say smooth, but all natural is so much better. Trust me.


                      • I prefer smooth. It makes performing oral sex much more enjoyable for me, and just to be fair I do keep my pubic region reasonably shaven for the same reason for my wife. I don't always get my way here, but the wife gives me a "treat" once in a while! LOL.

                        And BTW, it has nothing to do with looking pre-pubescent. Women typically shave their armpits and legs and yet I've never heard it suggested that it's "weird" if a guy likes his woman to shave her legs and armpits because it makes her look like a pre-pubescent girl. No, that is NOT the reason a man would prefer his woman to shave her pubic region.

                        Some have wondered about the origin of this practice. I hate to admit it, but I suspect a lot of it has to do with the influence of pornography. It became a fairly common practice for women in the porn industry to shave their genitalia to provide a better visual for the, typically, visually oriented males that are the prime consumers of their product.


                        • It's amazing that this is debated. To my way of looking at it, shaving is personal. Whether a woman shaves anything is up to her. I've never told a woman how to groom. Thankfully I've always been in relationships in which women shaved except their pubic regions. I do prefer a woman to look like a woman. However, I do prefer a woman to keep her pubic region trimmed and groomed. But that is not my business. Women do grow hair in the exact same places as do men; however, their hair is usually more fine.

                          I have dated a few women who had shaved their entire pubic region. Probably because I am old school, I did not like it, but they did with their pubic regions was not up to me.

                          To this very day I would not feel right telling a woman how to groom. To me it would feel too controlling and an invasion of her personal space. But I can see how others see it differently.


                          • Originally posted by aspie
                            I am anti-sexual so I don't know as I never been with a partner, but I think guys like girls clean shaven
                            Many do not, myself for example.
                            I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
                            Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

                            From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


                            • It's certainly a woman's choice, but the question asked about a "preference". I like some hair "down there" -- a clean shaven woman makes her seem too young. Whatever the amount of hair, my preference is closely groomed. Of course, in the list of what I want in a relationship, pubic hair doesn't make the list.
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                              • The hubby likes variety. My girl friends have always been envious of my very light colored body hair, I can go weeks without shaving my legs and you can't see it unless you're really close up. The pubic area is all strawberry blond too but odd in it's composition, while not super thick it's very straight and feels stabby (lol) so I shave the lower parts once a week or I tend to get ingrown hairs (serious ouch) but my sensitive skin means no matter what I've tried I get shave bumps, so I balance with just shaving once a week. How I shave the top portion all depends on mood, it's kinda sparse to begin with and the hair is almost flesh colored so I usually just leave it alone shaving only where my c-section scar is because the hair makes it itchy there.

                                I've heard good things about the Coochie shave stuff and I'm going to give it a try, haven't had all that much luck with others that purport to do the same thing so I'm not overly hopeful but hey, it's worth a try. Has anyone on here tried it?


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