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what do men prefer?

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  • I'm not sure how my boyfriend and I got into the discussion a couple of nights ago but he said he would perfer shaved completly. So I'm trying it. We'll see how it goes. I am nervous about the itchyness. I've never had a guy give me an opinion on the subject. If it helps to get him off I'm willing to go there. He would for me if thats what I wanted.


    • i think you should do what makes you happy. if pleasing your man is it that then go for it. my boyfriend doesn't like it all bushy, he says it doesnt look clean. but he does like hair so i keep it neatly trimed up. he says shaved turns him off because it makes him feel like he is with a little girl. the hair is what makes a woman, a woman. i couldnt agree more.


      • Its funny where all of these urban legends started. Such as the notion the "less hair, the cleaner a girl is down there" Personnally I think that is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. The ONLY thing that factors into how "clean" a woman is ..is her bathing hablits. I have a huge bush, and I assure you I am as "clean" as when I used to shave it bald.


        • my man prefers it shaved...i like it that way also...i want to start getting a brazilian wax...but i'm scared cuz i heard it really hurts first couple times and you may bruise... so for now i will keep shaving it off...


          • Originally posted by jessica View Post
            he says shaved turns him off because it makes him feel like he is with a little girl.
            Yeah I used to wonder that - like why do some guys like no hair there?
            Is it because of how they just like smooth things or because they secretly have a thing for little girls. Creepy.


            • I didn't know what my boyfriend liked, and I didn't want to ask. I said 'theres only one way to find out' so I shaved. That evening he took me out to dinner, then a walk in the park, then to his house.. When the clothes came off, he was like WOAH!! But he liked it haha he was surprised cause he did not see it coming, but it was a pleasant surprise. Then I asked which way he preferred, he said "i love you either way; just go with whatever's comfortable" :] So After that I shaved a couple more times. I didn't do it often because when it starts o grow back, it gets extremely itchy and uncomfortable.. But hey, it surprised him and it made him smile so it was totally worth it :]


              • Originally posted by tristis View Post
                Yeah I used to wonder that - like why do some guys like no hair there?
                Is it because of how they just like smooth things or because they secretly have a thing for little girls. Creepy.
                Personally, I like to see some hair "above" the vagina, but none around it. If she wanted to go with NO HAIR, I'd be fine with that too.

                I can't speak for other people, but I like the look of a shaved smooth vagina. I can assure you that this has NOTHING to do with wanting someone who is young. To me that's sick and twisted.

                I just like the feel of it being clean shaven down below. Maybe it's that I like to spend a lot of time down there and there's nothing to tickle your face...etc. I don't know...but I do have a fairly strong preference for it.



                • DH likes me as bare as possible. And thanks Fire(m) for pointing out it has NOTHING to do with looking "pre-pube" Ick!! In our case its a preference we both enjoy for oral sex. No hairs stuck between the teeth.

                  And yes, I now like DH to shave down there a bit. He trims his pubes down short and keeps his guy bits smooth and fur free...

                  As to the itching and scratching its just a matter or regular shaving. I use Cream Rinse instead of shaving cream and one of those 4 track (What are they called) razors. **I borrow DHs its much less likely to nick me.
                  "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." ~ Janis Joplin


                  • hairy. definitely. a woman should look like a woman not a girl. completely smooth is OK i suppose, but its either painful like waxing, or high maintenance like shaving which never gives a good finish anyway. a lot of men secretly like hair, but sich is the climate we live in now, that anyone deviating from the completely smooth appearance put out by the media is looked down on, and so are those who prefer a more natural look. whenever a celebrity is seen with unshaved armpits, even if its just a shadow, the media reaction is 'urrgh'. hair is not dirty, not washing is dirty.


                    • I have mood swings. Sometimes I like it hairy, sometimes I like it shaved. My girlfriend does a good job of switching it up, and keeping me guessing. All in all, it really doesn't matter as long as you're clean and fresh.


                      • Natural, all natural.


                        • Very little or no body hair for me. It's cleaner and sexier, and you don't get wirey greasy hairs in your face and mouth. No comparison. Even if you don't want to shave or wax, you can at least get slightly close with a pair of scissors (it's what I do, as a man), which isn't irritating or anything.

                          I don't know how shallow it is of me but I'm not sure I'd date a girl with armpit hair and/or a natural bush... Though I guess if she was otherwise amazing I'd be willing to make that concession.


                          • I like having mine both ways. I like it shaved, particularly during my period as it's easier to clean up. But I'm not willing to keep shaving it every couple of days because it's too much hassle and too painful. So I shave about once a month and let it grow out before I shave it again. I think doing it this way allows me to enjoy in both ways, as I really like it when it grows just past the point of stubble and starts to get soft. And by the time it's getting long enough to be itchy, I shave again. I know my boyfriend prefers it shaved but by only doing it once a month I always get a nice "Oooh!" reaction from him when I do it.
                            Well some people say that you shouldn't tempt fate, and for them I can not disagree. But I never learned nothing from playing it safe; I say fate should not tempt me. I take my chances.


                            • Shaven. Some hair is good for styling I tried a moustache for my penis, it looked funny as . Also a Top-Hat.. It was a bit lop-sided and not really noticeable.

                              But I hate shaving mine so I can't really complain. The itch is irritating as .
                              But if you get an electric razor, it makes it smooth and you don't get the itchy red bumps; as opposed to the bladed razor.


                              • I usually wax my pubic hair including my labia but leave a little landing strip there or do some decoration such as star or heart for more attraction.


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