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what do men prefer?

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    There's nair for pubic hair but i wouldn't ever use that product down there. I used Nair for sensitive skin on my ARMS and I got huge burns and scabbing and scars. I pulled my sleeve up and everyone thought I got splashed with burning oil or something.


    • Nair,it's a very good product for other hair removals,but not for down there! I find shaving to time consuming....Waxing last longer and leaves you nice and smooth...


      • Starves curious the name? Signature?


        • Hair down there for me all natural- on her, natural or I find that when I'm coming in for a landing I do like a nice landing strip. I like whatever is most comfortable on both of us. It's not about the hair anyway


          • I prefer shave with jell and make a smooth shave.


            • When I was younger I always kept the sides and lips shaved and trimmed the hair really short for neatness. I then started shaving everything, I don't like hair at all. To me a woman should only by nature have hair on her head and her eyebrows. I don't even like hairy men. I shaved completely and one time when my husband came home from work after a few weeks (he is in tv production) from a shoot I had gotten a bit lazy and did a landing strip. This was only a few months after we were married and he looked at me as he gently "pet" the area and asked, "what's this?" I was a bit embarrassed because he knows I am really funny about hair and then I realized he found it to be hotter than fully shaved. So I now keep a neatly trimmed strip for him and it means a bit less shaving for me! Win, Win.


              • I started off preferring nothing more than a trim, then I stopped having a preference, and now I'm back to nothing more than a trim. I think it's a backlash against this nonsense that female body hair is "gross" or "unhygienic." Having said that, it's her body and her choice, so I guess my preference doesn't really matter.


                • As a guy...I definitely prefer short, trimmed, shaped, and tidy over natural, wild, and bushy. I would never ever complain about totally smooth, but it's not a necessity. I think either trimmed and manicured or smooth are both sexy because it shows that the woman pays attention to it and spends some time on something that only she and I will be seeing. I try not to be a hypocrite, either...I regularly trim the hair above and around myself too. Usually just a uniform short trim, but this last time I went down to basically nothing.

                  That brings up my, possibly stupid, question...I use a trimmer with a guard to deal with my hair, which is pretty easy and low stress. Knowing that a woman has a lot more nooks and sensitive parts to deal with, I cannot imagine probing around down there with a razor blade! How exactly do you ladies shave it all smooth without risking some serious cuts and scrapes?!


                  • To go back to the original question of what do men prefer, I think the short answer is that they simply prefer you to be clean cut. My good guy friend and I are somehow able to talk about things like this and he said that one time he went down on a girl who had a full on jungle going on and it was one of the least attractive things he had ever seen. He said as long as the hygiene is taking place he has no preference on style, just don't let them get lost.


                    • There really is no one-size-fits-all answer. It's like asking which hair color men prefer. The stereotype is that we all love blondes and nothing but blondes, but that's as inaccurate as saying that all men can't stand hair anywhere but on top of her head. The truth is some prefer blondes, and some prefer brunettes, and some prefer black hair, and some prefer red hair. But it ultimately doesn't matter, because just like you should have whatever color YOU like, you should have whatever style of pubic hair YOU like.


                      • It's far from something new. Women removing their body hair goes back to Roman times if not earlier.

                        In my opinion it's as simple as our society equating body hair with masculinity. Women don't want to look masculine and men don't want women to so body hair becomes something to be removed.


                        • I cannot speak for all men, but I love a woman who looks like a woman. The completely shaved look reminds me of a little girl, and that's a complete turn off. In fact, I do not feel comfortable with a woman who does not look like a woman. I have come up with excuses to not be with them.

                          I do prefer women who are groomed, which means the bikini line. But here again, it's unconscionable to expect a woman to always be attentive, especially in winter. After all, God put hair there for a reason.

                          I have never been turned off by women's body hair because that's the way God created the fairer sex, all of us for that matter. However, I do prefer a woman who shaves her armpits and legs, but if she were to miss a few days, I can accept that. No man can rationally expect perfection. And women lead hectic lives so, of course, just like men, they will be expected to miss a few days once in a while.

                          I believe that women worry about body hair more than men.

                          Wishing you well,



                          • I recently shaved it all. I didn't tell my fiance; I just let him discover it on his own. The expression on his face was priceless - it was like he'd just received the greatest gift he could ever imagine. Sex since then has been amazing for both of us and I'm wanting it at least once a day. I don't know whether I'll keep it this way, but for now it's a lot of fun!


                            • Well for me personnaly I prefer my wife shaved. Of course she only occasionaly does this. I feel that part of my wife's body is very beautiful and rather it not be covered up. She in no way looks like a child to me, but a fully developed woman. I also enjoy performing oral and do not care to fight the hair.
                              BTW I also keep myself very trimmed at a minimum as I feel its the polite thing to do, which she appreciates.


                              • I know I prefer the underneath gone because it feels nicer during oral sex. I like all looks tho and just do whatever I feel like. I know I don't like flossing or swallowing pubes when I go down so my bf trims and shaves his balls so I don't mind making an effort for him. He's just always done that tho not because I asked him too. For me it's just the oral sex thing, I don't want to suck on hairy balls and my bf wouldn't refuse to do me if I was hairy but it'd be alot nicer for us both if I had. Laser makes shaving easier and I occasionally get it all waxed off. I don't understand ppl thinking a Brazilian reminds them of little girls u don't look at little girls so why would it remind u of one? I don't think of little boys when I see my bfs shaved balls! Why is it that a mature form of a woman with bare skin correlates to a pre pubescent girl but a smooth penis area is still just a guys downstairs.. Women are viewed on so many different levels and categories when it comes to their bodies and shoulds and shouldnts it really annoys me
                                If I knew where I was going I would already be there
                                I wish I had more time. Judicious, beautiful, augmented, whatever.
                                I've always been afraid to die, but I think I'm more afraid to live. (BC, SP)

                                "I would go out tonight, but i havent got a stitch to wear!" Morissey


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