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Getting rid of razor bumps?

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  • Getting rid of razor bumps?


    I'm used to shaving my legs, thus I have developed some major bumps out of using razor! My mom told me to have my legs get waxed instead because it produces a more silky, soft, and smoother finish. I tried it before but it hurts quite a lot. So I went back to shaving using razor and I apparently developed a lot of bumps. Do you have any idea how I can get rid of these pesky razor bumps? Will definitely appreciate any reply from anyone! Thank you!
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  • Use Hot And Cold Water. Shower with warm water before shaving to soften your leg hair. Then, once you're done, rinse the shaved area with cold water to prevent razor burn. The cold water ensures that your skin is nice and tight and prevents any ingrown hairs from forming. Pat dry & moisturize.


    • Yes, I do know how to get rid of razor bumps.

      Wet shaving is the way to go.

      Always assure the areas to be shaved are clean. Wash with an antibacterial soap and rise. Dry with a clean towel.

      Use a moist, hot towel. A modest investment in a hot towel steamer is a wise idea. Cover areas to be shaved with moist, hot towels for a few minutes.

      Apply a preshave such as Poraso. I use Poraso menthol. Rub it on areas to be shaved with your hands. Don't worry about their being men's shaving products. They'll work just as well on women. I'm not sure if there are identical products for women. If so, it won't matter. My g/f uses men's shaving products. No one will ever know, not that they'd care.

      Apply good quality shaving cream or shaving soap. I used a shaving brush to apply soap and cream. Try Neutrogena, Shave Butter, or Cremo shaving creams. Shaving soap is better, but time consuming. Any saving soap from Truefitt & Hill will be of excellent quality.

      Use a clean, sharp razor. Disinfect your razor with alcohol prior to use. I'll explain why later.

      A straight razor works best, but they're time consuming. Fusion razors are excellent.

      Shave with growth.

      The closest & smoothest shave is with a straight razor. If you go with a straight razor, buy one that's made from Solingen steel. Solingen is a city in Germany. The best steel in the world comes from Solingen, Germany. There are instructional videos for women who want to learn to shave with straight razors. In fact, it might be a good idea to watch youtube women's shaving instructional videos.

      You'll be amazed at how smooth your skin is after shaving with a straight razor.

      After shaving, use a clean towel to wipe off excess shaving cream. Leave just a little on areas shaved. Ingredients in good quality shaving cream and shaving soap will prevent razor bumps.

      I cannot emphasize enough to thoroughly wash areas to be shaved, and using a clean razor that has been disinfected with alcohol. Very recently a woman in England contracted necrotizing fasciitis from shaving her bikini line. I'm sure a Google search will return articles about her almost fatal infection. Years ago, I watched a TV program about a woman who died from the same disease. She contracted it from shaving her legs.

      This shaving process might appear to be a lot of work. Once you're dialed, it might take a few minutes longer than shaving in the shower, but the results will prove to be worth extra effort.


      • BTW, one good quality straight razor will last the rest of your life. Unless you have honing skills, I'd have it sharpened by a professional.

        If men & women decide to try straight razor shaving, it might be a good idea to first have a professional shave you with one. Ask a lot of questions while he or she is shaving you.

        Fusion does give a better than decent shave, but cartridges are beyond expensive. Hence, a good quality straight razor will more than pay for itself.

        Remember to disinfect razors before shaving. I use straight alcohol. But I'm sure other disinfectants will work. I do know that straight alcohol works best and dries very quickly.


        • Did you try for "The Best Vegan & Cruelty-Free Razors"? One of the best Razor I have ever used. Other benefits includes-

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          • Many men who shave regularly know the frustrations that come with getting razor bumps – hairs that remain inside the hair follicle and begin growing into the skin. Here are 7 of the best remedies to help reduce razor bumps.

            1. Aloe Vera

            2. Hot Compress

            3. Witch Hazel

            4. Hydrocortisone Cream

            5. Lemon Juice

            6. Tea Tree Oil

            7. White Tea

            Conclusion :

            The best way to get rid of razor bumps for good is to change the way you shave. You need to use the correct shaving cream and after shave oil to prevent irritation as well as the correct razor to get the cleanest shave without cutting into your skin


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