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    Groupon has to know that I'm a dude. About 75% of deals it emails to me are for women. Groupon always sends me deals for waxing and laser hair removal. If you're looking for hair removal service, I'd suggest saving money by checking Groupn deals.

    My g/f had her nipple hair lasered. It hasn't grown back. She was going to have other areas lasered. She shined it on because of time & cost. She can shave her legs and under arms in no more than two minutes. She'll use my Braun beard and hair trimmer on her bush. She'll set the length, and within 15 seconds, she's done. She shaves her bikini area, but not all of the time. When it does become long, she'll shave it.

    I don't like the naturalist look. I prefer women's legs and underarms shaved. But I'm not neurotic about it. And I know women will cheat during cold months. I've never told any woman how to groom or shave anything. But if her hair were getting noticeably long, I might intimate a razor session. Thankfully, I've never had to say a thing. Women know when too long has passed between shaves.

    But if shaving isn't for you, check Groupon to save $$$.

    BTW, a couple years ago a woman who does waxing told me her business was slowing. It could be related to economic reasons. But I think that the total hair removal fad has passed. One of the Groupon ads I received today was for half-price Brazilian. Groupon takes 51% of the coupon prince, which means waxing places are willing to do a Brazilian for about 75% off of their regular price. If business were good and they had a steady flow of clients, they wouldn't have to offer deep discounts.

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