Hair problem, help!! :(

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Hair problem, help!! :(

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  • Hair problem, help!! :(

    Hi girls!
    I am coming to you asking for some advice / tips. I have a problem with the splitting ends of my hair. My hair is thin, long-reaching to the waist, but they are still stuffed and also very weak. Single straightening with a straightener causes immediate splitting of the tips. The structure of the hair is very weak. What to do?? What kind of shampoo / nails / masks do you recommend? I will add that I do not dye my hair. I will be very grateful for any answer )

  • I don't think strengthening it will come from outside, probably need to work on dietary changes and supplements to change the hair. Have you had some blood work checked to be sure you're healthy? Vitamin and mineral levels checked?
    Start there.

    Do as little as possible to the hair. Ask your stylist for recommendations on products to protect the hair and strengthening products to apply. The really good changes will come from within tho.


    • I agree with atskitty2. Definitely do as little possible with your hair: at least until you get checked out. Dietry changes could well strengthen your hair. I would certainly see a professional and take their advice.


      • May need to cut off a few inches. That hair is probably a few years old. There's nothing you can do to fix it.
        You are worthy!


        • Thank you so much girls! I really appreaciate yours adivices


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