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Nair for Bikini area

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  • Nair for Bikini area

    I have always wanted to shave my private area and recently tried the nair bikini area cream and found that it did not completed remove my hair. It is smooth to the touch when rubbing downward, but very stubble when rubbing in the opposite direction; and stubble all over in just about two days. Using a ravor usually leaves me with cuts and I am afraid of the home wax kits, but really don't want to get waxed professionally. I'm wondering if my hair is too course for shaving or cream hair removers. The cream works wonders on my legs....

    Do any of you ladies recommend anything effective for smooth private areas? with less irritation of course

  • Just about every woman that uses any form of hair removal will get stubble down there. There's just nothing you can do about that. The only tips to help with stubble are to make sure you use a very good razor that gets a good close cut. Try experimenting with different types of razors. I personally cannot use the cheap razors down there because I cut myself. But with the more modern razors with multiple blades and flexible heads, I don't cut myself.

    To avoid stubble, the best way to go is with waxing. I would recommend having it done professionally. It's a little embarrassing at first, but you soon get over it. The nice thing is that it's quick and you don't have to personally build up the guts to rip the hair out yourself. Haha! Waxing completely removes the hair and root so you will be without stubble until new roots start to grow in (which takes longer then if you shaved).


    • Razors

      I found that the Gilette Mach 3 gives a really good shave. I forgot to take my razor over to my boyfriends one weekend so he let me use his. The shave will last me from friday till sunday just fine without me feeling hairy and unsexy I do use shaving foam too, one for sensitive skin. I recommend staying away from anything perfumed for the bikini area.


      • no way, do not use a razor! that area is waaay too sensitive for that, and waxing will last A LOT longer, you won't have to think about it for weeks. and i completely agree with AFemaleProdigy, you do get over the embarassement of getting waxed professionaly. my waxer does me in 15min flat, and i don't have to see her for at least another 3-4 weeks.

        i also find that using hair removal creams is really bad for me, it almost gives me an infection, so not sure how good of an option that is.

        i definitely recomend waxing. if you really don't want someone else to do it for you, then try the nair home waxing kit (the salon wax) - they're not bad...


        • If you REALLY don't want to get it waxed I would recommend getting the nair that is for coarse hair. Or any hair remover cream made for coarse hair. The regular nair didn't work for me either and I tried this and it was fine. I did have the stubble problem though and it did grow back fast. Make sure you have enough time to shower afterwards because it's messy to take off and smells a little weird. Not a bad smell, just not something I would want to smell like down there.


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