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pumic hair

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  • pumic hair

    plzzz any one can tell me.what is the good n safe way to remove pumic hair.which i can do myself.

  • pumic hair? I'm sure you mean pubic hair!! Don't worry I keyboard spazz al the time :P

    OK so there are loads of things you can do alone it really depends on your pain threshold, if you barely feel pain try waxing (quite messy and painful but lasts long) or epilating(painful at first but lasts long) these both thin hair in the log term.... If you have non-sensitive skin try a hair removal cream but be careful to follow the instructions REALLY WELL! (trust me on this one)

    and then there's shaving which I have never been a fan of because it's dangerous(ouch to cuts), you have to keep buying new razors creams and lotions, causes ingrown hairs. And they hairs grow back so quickly that I usually feel stubble within a few hours even with a really good razor.... so yeah there's a few methods

    hope they were helpful


    • Bikini Waxing is not for everyone because its very painful but it is the best way to get rid of the unwanted hair. If you have never done it before, I would therefore advise you to get it done by a beautician for the first time, get to know the techniques of how they do it, they will also tell you about the waxing precautions as you are aware how sensitive that area is! And still if you think you can do it by yourself at home, then all the best because for me its impossible to do it all by myself. Good Luck


      • Magic Shaving Powder, you can remove it from every genital area without irritation. It works like shaving but without the time it takes to shave it all...very easy. I love the stuff.
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        • It will work but it can irritate, I would use something like witch hazle or aloe gel and work a small area and see what happens.
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          • Hi ana

            It depends on what style you are trying to achieve

            If your just looking for a quick tidy-up clippers are best as there is no skin damage or pain

            Waxing will give you the best finish and look but don't go for a home wax its not the same. Profesional Brazilian is £25 / 4 to 6 weeks this get expensive

            Shaving is probably where you want to go. There is quite a bit of advice on this subject but I it boils down to a few points:

            Clip or scissors to cut hairs short
            Use a good clean razor
            use a shaving foam or soap
            wet razor
            shave downwards (with the grain)
            Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate

            Invite a friend lol

            If you have sensitive skin (this is a sensitive area) and you don't exfoliate it will itch like nothing else and you will get ingrowing hairs which will look like spots. If this happens let it grow and the skin to recover

            You can get some stuff for ingrowing hairs but I cant remeber what its called

            Hair removal cream sounds good but I dont know anything about it

            Epilady NO NO NO I have heard bad stories of this for pubic regions


            • pumic made me giggle...alot...thanks hehehe hope you resolve your problem
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              • ohhhh forgot 2 add...i shave...tried and tested other ways eg waxing...not a good idea 4 pain hehe
                x~There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy......Her heart!~x

                x~the wench~x


                • I shave

                  My hubby loves it. I shave every Sunday. The stubble sucks but sometimes when I am walking it makes me horney!!!! Be carefull and watch how you handel the lips. Some times I let him do it and it drives him over the edge!!!!


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