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safe way of pubic hair hair removal?

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  • safe way of pubic hair hair removal?

    what is the safe way of pubic hair removal?i m using hair removal creams,is it safe?plzz tell me ant safe n easy way so that i can do it myself.

  • Re:safe way of pubic hair hair removal?

    Hey! You may try Veet it actually works. But you might want to read the Warning on the back just in case!

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    • sorry

      i tried it on my arms.it was itching.it doesn't suit me at all.so i cant try it on my sensitive area....my question is that,are these hair removal creams good for that area?


      • I think it's more trial and error actually.

        Personally, i've always simply used .................baby oil, and a good shaver with Aloe Vera in it, by..................

        Something like that....


        • I need something better than a razor. It's iching like crazy when the hair grows back. Any suggestions? Are there creams (like Veet etc) for that area? Is it safe to use? Has aony one used those Binkin Razors from Noxema? If so , does it itch when it grows back?



          • After lots of experimentation (no kidding) we both agree that cream rinse and one of those 4 blade razors is the best.
            "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." ~ Janis Joplin


            • I bought the Binkin Zone gel and it works the best for me. No iching, irration (I know that's spelt wrong) or bumps.


              • I agree, I use a 4 blade razor and afterwards i apply bikini zone and it relievs the iching and irration...its works great


                • Oh my god, i heard a story about a lady who sliced her clit off with a razor and i just never had the guts to use one down there again... creams for me. Electric trimmer if i'm desperate, works and you get used to the slight pulling! **sarcasm**


                  • In my opinion, nothing can compare to a high quality Brazilian waxing. I Started getting them several years ago at a local day spa. Through the help of a friend who used to do waxing for a living, I was shown the proper techniques, and given many tips and trick from her which enables me to begin DIY Brazilian waxing. I have been doing them on myself for over four years now. True, along the way there were the occasional skin tears, and bruising, but I used those times as learning experiences, and was able to get better at my skills, and avoid this sort of thing. Now, I use professional grade waxes exclusively, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not to mention the huge savings when compared with the cost of waxing at a reputable day spa!. In my opinion, it is better than shaving by a long run. But, to each their own!


                    • I shave. It's easiest. I do so about every 2-3 days or so. I don't want to deal with the grow back itchies. I use Coochy Cream which someone recommended to me. It works so well! My skin was definitely not smooth until I began using this. It would always break out and itch. I think I will try the baby oil though.
                      Just go slow. And make sure the razor is not dull. Ouchies.


                      • Here's what I do and it works WONDERFULLY!! :

                        I bought those noxzema (sp) bikini shavers that you mentioned and they are AMAZING! I go completely bare ''down there'' and it works for all the hair not just your bikini line! When I first get into the shower I put conditioner (yes, the same kind I use for my hair) on the hair and let it soak while I wash my hair or shave my legs or whatever. Then I rinse it off and apply more. I use the little shaver in a downward (with the hair) motion to get off all of the long hair. Then I rinse and apply more conditioner and do the same thing but go upward (against the hair). After I get out of the shower I apply Bikini Zone cream. I also apply the cream before I go to bed and the next day to avoid razor bumps. The little shavers are really good though! I've never had irritation even when the hair starts to grow back!

                        The only downfall is that it's just like shaving your legs. In a couple of days it gets prickly. Doesn't last too long but it's the most pain free method I've found.

                        Hope that helps! I too struggled with this problem A LOT before I found the shavers.

                        ohoh! Also, if you want you can buy ANY kind of conditioner. Even the cheap stuff in the HUGE bottles to save money.


                        • I would prefer to shave your public hair rather than waxing. Shaving doesn't cause itching problem.


                          • I go to get my Hoo-Hah waxed ever 6 weeks. The pain get's less, as does the amount of hair & if you exfoliate with a exfoliator glove thingy, you don't get ingrown hairs.
                            I used to shave, but it was itchy & doesn't last long enough.
                            Once you go the wax....you don't go back!LOL


                            • Originally posted by hemarobert View Post
                              I would prefer to shave your public hair rather than waxing. Shaving doesn't cause itching problem.
                              Itching after shaving the pubic area is one of the most common complaints people have. So yes, shaving causes itching for most people. It varies for each person, some itch a great deal, other not at all, or very little. Nevertheless, shaving irritates the skin, and that usually results in itching, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and more.
                              Just my $.o2


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