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safe way of pubic hair hair removal?

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  • i just used soap and a normal razor was fine
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    • I dont know why i am unable to remove the pubic hairs completely, n then the worst part is that it itchs and the left overs being very small keeps pinching back all the time.. lol!! i tried the creme n also the razor but all in vain... please if someone knows a method to remove them completely, so that it does not irritate me further... reply as soon as possible....


      • I bought a ladies electric razor and its been a true amazing gift. The first week I used it I felt it didnt shave close enough, but if you stick with it and don't use other methods but it, after a week it started shaving so close and smoothe. I have never been so smoothe without any irritation than I have been with this thing. I use it for the entire bikini area and then I use a regular standard disposable on the more sensitive areas (lips etc)
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        • Im about to bite the bullet and just get waxed. I have been shaving for years now. Its itching and irrating and i sometimes get ingrowns which are gross. Not to mention how thick and harsh the hair grows back. I am so so shy and embarassed about my body. Im sure waxing will be well worth it.


          • I use special razors, by Noxema, they come in a pack of three. I also use some sort of body wash like Olay or Dove on the area. Comes out soft, and perfectly smooth


            • I use those creams that are designed to dissolve the hair at the roots so that it can be wiped away afterwards. Generally I use that on my bikini line and shave my legs/armpits. I don't like the idea of shaving my bikini line because of ingrown hairs and stubble etc, and I don't have the pain threshold for waxing so this works best for me. I usually do use the cream every fortnight. It's fairly quick, but a bit messy.


              • Waxing is always good. Shaving is the next alternative.


                • i made the mistake of using some sort of cream to remove pubic hair about 2 years ago and it took me about a year to get down there back to normal. My skin constantly had red bumps on it (kind of like razor bumps) but after i used the cream i decided to go back to shaving which didnt help the situation because it affected the bumps more and made them more red and horrible to look at so if you plan on using hair removal creams down there definately make sure your skin wont react to it!


                  • Hi

                    I also really want to know what I can use on that area !!!
                    I want a clean pubic area. And can you use veet all over your pubic area?


                    • I have a sensitivity to hair removal creams (Veet and Nair) They burn my skin and cause whatever area to break out in a red rash that feels like its on fire, then begins to itch days later and takes over a week for it to go away. I have been sticking to shaving, however I want to try waxing. My only thing is actually getting the guts to let a complete stranger wax my vaginal area.

                      Question to al the ladies who wax (as in getting it done at a salon); What is the approx. price range for a Brazilian? I don't want to get ripped off if I decide to do it, but I also don't want a half-assed job done.
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                      • I shave every 2-3 days using electric bikini shaver i got from my dear friend jo anne, she bought it in thailand. Its good because it has 4 blades,and of course a good moisturizing cream helps for a smoother effect..


                        • Where I am from in Canada the price of a good brazilian is between $85-$100, it lasts about two weeks max, but it is a MILLION times better than shaving, definitely do not try it on your own until you have had a few and get used to the process - also, I would NEVER put a depilatory anywhere near my labia - I think you would just be asking for an infection.


                          • Laser it off.


                            • oh man i dont have the guts to wax my area. i want to some day but as for now ill stick to shaving. as for the itchy and sensitivness......i dont use shave cream. i rather use a bar of soap. for some reason it leaves no irration. whether its my legs or pubic area


                              • Be careful with Razors

                                I used to shave down there but it caused a painful cyst like ingrown hair that i got checked out by the doctor at my local hospital. She said it would come out by itself and when it did it would be uncomfortable and painful. It never came out by itself and turned into a horribly excrutiatingly painful growth which i thought was normal because my doctor said it would be painful and that was normal. IT WAS NOT NORMAL and i needed surgery to remove it so please girlies be careful with what method you are using because not only was this embarrasing and extremely painful, but it was also scary to have removed and i didn't sleep for three days when it was at its worst from being unable to move without intense pain. The risk of shaving is just too big for me now and i'd never dream of shaving with a razor down there anymore, and seeing i cant find another safer alternative i just stick to cream on my bikini.


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