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eye laser

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  • eye laser

    OMG! i am new here hi! i read the threads but today i decided to register.

    Tomorrow i am going for a consultation for eye laser surgery. I am going just tofind out how much it will cost but they have to do the tests first.

    i am excited my body just rebels i am 23 i am getting to terms with facial hair that bleach cant fight with. i have all the symtoms of PCO but the U/S cant find any thing. so i really need a pick me up and i hate being the hairy fat four eyed girl!

    I dont really know any one who has gotten it done. I have researched it all from the lasik to the lasek. the smell of burn to feeling of grittiness in my eyes to vision taking up to 3 weeks after the surgery. ... i just need some one to say its going to be ok! ...

  • How did it go? I have just registered here 24/04/10 and I am having a consultation for laser eye surgery within the next few weeks! Also...the hair on your face ...Laser hair removal worked wonders for me!!!


    • HI, I had laser eye surgery done when I was 26. Eyes checked out fine, only worry was that eyes may not keep perfect vision after surgery. Surgery went fine, afterwords was not too bad, mainly taking drops and wearing bandage and sunglasses as prescribed. During surgery all I saw were fireworks for a few seconds, then they put bandage contacts on and prescribe eyedrops. DIdn't feel any grittiness. After it healed I had 90% of my vision back and would highly recommend the surgery.

      I also use the laser hair removal on the face, it works really well too.


      • I wouldn't recommend eye laser surgery until someone is old enough and their eyes are all the way developed. And why would someone want to remove their hair? We are all good enough without changing ourselves!
        Love life.


        • Hi friends. Not agree with eyes surgery laser.
          I want to share my problem with all friend for suggestions. I do not like eyes surgery, how i can solve my eyes problem. Medicines can solve my problem???


          • I would rather put contacts in every morning and take them our every night. I would never ever risk going blind, in my opinion life would be over if that happened.


            • Love it. Had it done in 07.


              • Originally posted by Liloleme View Post
                Love it. Had it done in 07.
                Same here - Done in 2006, and would do it 1000 times over again. Worth every dime!


                • Me too. 2006 too. 24 hours after, I was seeing 20/15 and still am. I would do it over again in a heartbeat. I was blind as a bat, my own hand was blurry at arms length. I hated wearing glasses and contacts became so darn irritating.


                  • Hi friends.
                    I desire to share my difficulty with every friend for idea. I do not like eyes surgery, how I can solve my eyes difficulty. Medicines can solve my difficulty???


                    • Really eye laser is would not recommend eye laser surgery someone is old enough and their eyes are all the way developed.I d'not like eyes surgery because in his very do the problem create


                      • Laser eye surgery

                        I'm thinking about having laser eye surgery done I can't see anything without my glasses or contacts. contacts so irritating and they never sit right on my eyes they are always moving so my vision is still blurred while wearing them. When I'm wearing my glasses I can't wear my sunglasses so I can't protect eyes from the sun it's a real pain. The only thing stopping me as of now is that I would hate to go from being able to see Reasonably well with my glasses and contacts to not being able to see at all, thats scares me.


                        • I had also done in 2010 ,first i done my eye medical ,however once the report came i used to be entirely confused then once more i gone for eye checkup to a different doctor then he recomended for eye optical device surgery which was sensible.


                          • I know a few people who have had the Lasik. All of whom, have raved about it. I have horrible vision! I got glasses when I was 7 and have been using contacts since I was 16.
                            I would love to have the surgery. I am an avid surfer and its only time until I lose my contacts in the water. ....lucky that I haven't already!
                            I say GO FOR IT, but it is def the operation where you get what you pay for. So make sure that you are going to a good treatment center and try to get some local reviews from maybe a website?
                            You will be fine!


                            • Eye surgeries have become one of the most common treatment, people move out of their countries for. I think Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA is one of the renowned hospitals for eye surgery.

                              How many of you believe, traveling for treatment is a better option?


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