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stretch marks

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  • stretch marks

    hi do any one know what to do about stretch marks, please help
    creams, surgery

  • Stretch Marks

    My question to you is how recent are the stretch marks? Where are they located? Try looking into Fraxel, Microderm Abrasions, etc.
    The results will vary depending on how bad the stretch marks are and how old they are but they definately will fade. If your willing to spend the money for them to fade even 50% then maybe it's worth it???
    I am definately looking into this procedure. If I have to go back a million time to make them disappear completely, I will. Thanks, Tracy


    • The Stretches:

      During my mom?s pregnancy she used to scratch her tummy; she was told to put a lotion or oil (Virgin coconut oil, olive oil) to reduce the itch. This is due to skin that is expanding. - As to my Mom'


      • If you want to fade red stretchmarks to white, a lot of the pregnancy sites sell special oils... though olive oil may be just as good!

        If the stretchmarks have faded and you still don't like them, the only thing which really gets rid of them is something called coolbeam.

        If you feel really bad about them, my advice is to get your self esteem up to a point where you don't care about them any more - learn you're worth far more than stretchmarks can detract from. I've got a fair few, but hey, I'm stuck with them and it doesn't seem to stop me enjoying life.

        ...of course, that's no reason you shouldn't get out the olive oil, or go for the coolbeam if you've got plenty of cash - everyone deserves pampering ocassionally!


        • hi i have them too, on my breasts which makes swimwear a nightmare, im also looking to reducing them if i find anything ill let you know. good luck.


          • Jojo E: Stretch mark removal

            Hi everyone...may b you have heard a lot of stretch mark treatment. well i want to suggest you this product called Jojo E. Good News!! I had body building stretch marks and my wife had pregnancy stretch marks. We used this product(link snipped) and it worked. I have tried so many products and treatments but none really worked. Believe me, this is not marketing talk, I genuinely want to share this information with you guys. I won't make a cent out of this. They have very limited production and eventhough I cannot vouch whether it will work for every single person, it is definitely worth a try. Very reasonable pricing. Best thing, its 30 days money back guarantee!
            Well when i bought this product before, they don't have any special promotion. but recently when i check they got special promotion. So try this product today and who knows it will solve yur problem.
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            • I just bought a lotion called Palmer's cocoa butter.. it's not very expensive tho.. can give it a try.. it's a massage lotion for stretch marks.. i'm using it.. hope it helps.. my stretch marks are white.. hopefully it will disappear =p


              • I use palmers it really doesn't help all that much. but it is good to use anyway because it keeps your skin supple so you dont get more stretch marks
                15 more until goal:D
                swimsuits here i come :)


                • I use palmers cocoa butter also during my pregnancy and that didn't stop the stretch mark from coming, it helps with the itchy skin though.


                  • Here we go, i may be a guy but i know a little on this subject. The best solution to this problem that i have found is a product called Bio-oil. I was a man of "large" figure and used this after my rather rapid weight loss i found my self with stretch marks in my underarms and around my waist, it was not instant but these undesirable marks did disappear with the use of this product.

                    It works to reduce and eliminate stretch marks, scars, uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin. For these reasons i now continue to use it as a facial moisturizer as i get dry skin and have some acne scars i wish to get rid of. I have not had any adverse reactions to using it. As for price i spend $30 AU on it every couple of months.

                    It has worked well for me, so if you can trust a guys advice i would recommend giving it a go.



                    • I have 2 kids and had stretch marks from it. Nothing really workes. but now I am pregnant with number 3 after having a tummy tuck and lipo and I am using Bio oil. I have liked it so far no stretch marks have come yet, the ones I already had seem to fade a little. But the truth is there is nothing that will take your stretch marks completly away, once our skin stretches like that there is no going back!!!! I know its sad!!! I hope this helps!!!!


                      • Shea Butter and Vitamin E Oil are the two most effective natural remedies for stretch marks. Apply Vitamin E Oil or Gel directly on skin and massage for about 5 minutes everyday. Use shea butter based creams.
                        Leon's Beauty Tips And Secrets


                        • Originally posted by purplelove9 View Post
                          hi do any one know what to do about stretch marks, please help
                          creams, surgery

                          Pure shea butter works for me.


                          • I used TriLastin SR and I have almost no appearance of any stretch marks...


                            • I recently called 4 doctors here in my area, wanting to schedule an appointment to even out my stretchmarks, and much to my dissapointment, they said that there hesn't been any sure remedy for us yet.

                              I researched in the web and found Fraxel and microdermabrasion are suggested solutions to even out or minimize the marks, may cost us from $2K to $6K...but if you have the $$$, you can go for it.

                              I also am considering taking Glutathion since I am tan, maybe if I get a lighter complexion, it will help even out my stretch marks a little...or TriLastin SR (I just browsed the net again)... I haven't decide yet...

                              Does anyone have a (better) choice?


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