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  • Surgery

    I have a cleft chin, does anyone know what sort of surgery you would get to correct that.

    Im also considering a rhinoplasty, boob implants, and ears pinned back as ive had large ears all my life and been made a fool of.

    Anyone have expiereince with this? I am just under 20.

    Im also considering a labia plasty as my labia are very large and it makes practical things uncomfotable and difficult. Does anyone know if you can get that on the NHS?

    Thanks in advance and hello to all you ladies

  • 3 of the 5 things you mentioned are definitely attractive to some: the chin, the labia, and the ears.

    The labia and the chin make sense to me. I remember being surprised about the ears, having large ears myself. I read an article shortly after Obama was elected about how this was an attractive trait. They mentioned him, Will Smith, and others. I couldn't find the article, but I googled and found articles from both of them talking about how they were bullied. Would you agree that both of these men are widely considered good-looking? Do you think their ears contribute to their unique look?

    Google "large ears actress" and select images. I think you'd be surprised. I saw Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie pop up in some pictures with their big ears sticking out. You don't really notice it until someone brings it up. But women who are in tune with this will often accentuate their ears by pulling their hair back behind them so that they stick out more. I love that look. It looks exotic. It may sound nerdy, but it reminds me of elves. I'm not really into Lord of the Rings, but the most memorable scene to me is when they enter that elf kingdom and the queen and her king greet the adventurers. Her ears are sticking out. She's not a particularly attractive lady, but she looks great like that.

    Go to Youtube and type in "galadriel" and the first video shows it.

    Some people are simply going to pick on you no matter what. When you have something big it just stands out more, but small and average things are not excluded from being the subject of teasing.

    You didn't say why you want the nose and breast work, so I can't comment on that. I know that people actually have surgery to add the cleft. You can google search that and see plenty of beautiful people with cleft chins. The labia are different because they interfere with your activities, but from a visual perspective I like big labia.
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    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


    • Regarding rhinoplasty, there are lots of reasons why an individuals choose to undergo surgery. The most common is to improve the appearance of their nose. Many individuals feel that the size or shape of their nose is ill-fitted for the rest of their facial features, and wish to have surgery in order to bring a harmonious balance to the face. I had my rhinoplasty about a year ago and now I can walk with great confidence. The changes to my nose was very subtle but my face improved very well. If you are planning to have one, I suggest that you choose a good rhinoplasty surgeon coz that can give a huge significance in the result that are looking for. I had a good rhinoplasty in Manila. His name is Dr Rino Lorenzo. There are a lot of good surgeons in Manila but his previous results for his rhinoplasty patients stand out for me.


      • There are a few ways to eliminate a cleft chin. One of the easiest and simple methods is to inject soft tissue filler to add volume to the cleft and do away with the crease. This is not a long lasting solution and has to be repeated periodically. Permanent treatments include modifying the chin bone itself. I advise you to wait until you are 20 before considering this procedure. After that age the body is fully developed and will be able to withstand such a drastic change.


        • You have to wait to be at least 20 years of age and most surgeons advise it too. At that age the body is fully developed. Permanent method for cleft chin correction is modifying the cleft chin bone itself or treating the separation of chin muscles. First the surgeon will examine your physical condition and then decide suitable form of treatment.


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