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Need recommendation to hire experienced surgeon?

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  • Need recommendation to hire experienced surgeon?

    I am thinking of the Rhinoplasty because of an accident that had happened to me in my childhood. Due to that accident, my nose is not in a correct shape and I want to fix it somehow. Please suggest me any experienced plastic surgeon that has had the vast experience of rhinoplasty surgery in the past. I am waiting for your suggestions.

  • Speak to your primary doc for a referral.
    You can also look online for info and patient reviews on docs in your area.
    Good luck.


    • Well yea Dreamface that's a good question for your primary doctor.Just like Kitty was saying who they recommend to do this surgery. Good luck and let us know how it go's for you thanks.
      When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


      • You should look online for recommendations in your area.
        Don't just ask your doctor because usually they don't really know a lot in this field.


        • When I searched for the best plastic surgeon over the Google, I found that the Sullivan centre is the only center which is near to my place. Can anyone give me some reviews about this center? I have read very positive reviews for this center, but if anyone here has had any personal experiences, then it can surely make me more confident about this center.


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