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Any tips to make tummy tuck recovery faster?

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  • Any tips to make tummy tuck recovery faster?

    My cousin is looking for a tummy tuck surgery and his plastic surgeon told him that the recovery time period for the procedure is around 6 to 8 months. Is there any possibility to recover faster? Are there any precautions and techniques which can help him recover easier and faster? Thanks for your recommendations in advance.

  • Those are questions for the doctor and surgeon attending to him/her.


    • I'd also like to ask how old is your cousin? Has he tried to do any exercises to tighten up the underlying muscles? Has your cousin been overweight and recently lost a great deal of weight resulting in a bunch of sagging skin? Is this being done as a "vanity" operation or is it actually necessary?

      The only thing that will make recovery from any surgery easier, is that the person enters into the surgery as healthy and in as good a condition as possible.

      My recovery from open heart bypass surgery was easier only because I did not have a heart attack prior to the grafting.

      Here is the thing, in most abdominoplasty the skin and underlying tissue is cut open in two places. If necessary the girdle (the two muscles that form the abdominal walls are brought together and tightened up. The skin in-between the incisions is removed and the remaining two halves of the body are brought back together and sewn and stapled up. If all goes well, things will knit together in up to 6 weeks, staples removed and it will take at least 6 months for full strength to return to the incisions. This means that the body creates collagen once again and skin reproduces normally. With a little bit of luck the scar will reduce to a thin red line that will gradually lighten over time.

      Now consider that should any stress or infection be involved and this can result in re-opening up of the incision, death of tissue and infection and be a real buggar to remedy. Massive doses of antibiotics, vacuum dressings, drainage tubes etc. would be necessary to clear this up.

      I'm saying all of this because unless it is medically advised I'd tell your cousin to think very carefully about having this done.
      That which we forget may as well never really happened.


      • I completely agree with you Claret on this. I lost a dear friend who died from having a tummy tuck and it really was not necessary for her to have this proceedure and it cost her life. They said the cause was a infection and went to her heart and by the time they figure it out she had massive heart attack this happen 20 years ago. Every time I here people having operation that are not needed I just hold my breath and pray for them.
        When out driving always turn left. Then, should you become lost, you can find your way home by reversing the procedure and always turning right.


        • Thanks Claret for your response; My cousin is 26 years of age; his height is 5 feet 9 inches and weight is 120 kg. Now days, he does workout, but there have been no positive results till now. And yes, he has a lot of sagging skin on his arms, thigh and stomach area. Is he perfect for tummy tuck surgery? If there is any other suggestion, then please recommend.


          • At approximately 264 lbs (120 kg) and being 5' 9" that loose skin will probably return to normal elasticity on it's own over time. He shouldn't need a tummy-tuck or upper arm reduction at all. I think he'd find if he works out, builds muscle and tones himself that within a year it should all be reduced to a manageable size. Yes, there will be some slackness but is he planning on being on show in the future? Is that something he could live with without all the pain (and yes there will be pain) both following the surgery and for years to come.

            Then consider, if he should Gain any additional weight - the scars from the surgery won't stretch in the same manner as the rest of his skin and this creates quite the abnormal look because it's tightens and is like an elastic band around the lower abdomen or arms. At times if these scars are stretched too tight a scar surgery could be required to open up and release the scar - making more scars.

            Just have him think about it very carefully prior to making any decision other that to do what he can, at this point, naturally.
            That which we forget may as well never really happened.


            • Thanks #Claret for your response. I will definitely think about it.


              • This is a nice thread with lots of helpful response


                • Hi guys. I am now 6 weeks post op and I can say that I love my result! I’m glad to have done it in Manila where it is affordable yet the quality is at par with US surgeons. My good doctor, Dr Rino Lorenzo, reminds me that this is a process and that results can really be seen after 5 to 6 months. So hang in there ladies. I promise you it’s gonna get better. My scars are really lightening up (I had a full tummy tuck and breast lift-anchor incision). I am applying simple coco butter with vit E as opposed to expensive scaring creams for faster healing. Not that they don't work but the coco butter will work just as well. I also increased water intake and got off the meds as soon as I could.


                  • Very helpful. Thanks

                    Dr. Haugrud
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                    • Recovery from tummy tuck surgery will take some time. You may need to exercise to speed up the recovery, but maintaining an exercise regimen long after your tummy tuck helps you maintain your weight. Strengthening your body through exercise will enable you to recover soon. Doing so will speed your recovery and help you to return to your normal daily routine. I recently read in an article that highlights the guidelines for exercise after a tummy tuck procedure. Just take a look at it and hope it might be helpful.
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                      • I would really suggest do NOT go in for the tummy tuck surgery, after you get it done it looks really hideous. I know this because my own brother got it done and now he is suffering, if you want a flat tummy i suggest you start exercising and loose weight the natural way. Your cousin will regret it if he gets it done. A tummy tuck is a BIG no no.


                        • I found those post-treatment instructions of tummy tuck
                          • Take certain medication advised by your tummy tuck surgeon.
                          • Avoid excessive physical exercise.
                          • Consume liquid as much as you can to avoid swelling.
                          • Have a light diet for 3-4 days to avoid nausea and gas.
                          • Avoid anything which may result in increase of blood pressure.
                          • Avoid swimming for a while.
                          • Wear a corset for 6 weeks after the surgery, etc.
                          you can check more info at
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