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Small and unattractive boobs

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  • I understand isyour problem but the breast surgery is very costly treatment I can suggest the medical insurance and get the treatment.There is no unanimous choice for the best breast implant, best surgical approach, or best plastic surgeon, but there will be a choice that is best for you. The most important decision you must make is your choice of plastic surgeon, and then work together with your surgeon to find the best operation for you.

    What follows is a description of the different issues you will need to consider when you come in for consultation, and your familiarity with these topics prior to consultation will allow you to be more confident in making a decision about surgery.
    my personal Question: how to your is age & your breast size?????

    you well wisher
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    • I hope you will accept what you are. it have many complication but if you will do it good luck


      • Jessa, I completely understand your feelings, but i too can assure you that there are plenty of men who would not be in the least disappointed with you just the way you are. Going to a D, you may find that men aren't looking into your eyes when theyre talking to you. .. And no surgery is without risk, not the least of which is rupture of the implant a few years from now. When that happens, it requires another very costly surgery.


        • Did you go for a breast operation, Nancy325? If so, are you happy with your new boobs? I can understand where you're coming from. Although I don't have a small bust, I can see where others are coming from, too. BUT I was lucky enough to have what I have and know you must do what makes YOU happy. Anyhow, I hope you're happy now: no matter your bust size.


          • Smaller boobs can be absolutely beautiful on some women, especially if they are petite or have a small frame.
            Some guys absolutely are preoccupied with big boobs. Nothing less than 36D will satisfy them. Most guys don't care about the size as long as they get to explore and play on your playground. Some guys actually prefer smaller boobs so I don; think smaller boobs are a handicap for a woman at all. I posted a poll several months ago and the results were about 25% prefer big uns, 50% don't care, and 25% prefer smaller boobs (which I defined as 34B or smaller.
            I prefer smaller boobs!


            • Well, it's not marketed for breast enlargement, but my vote is breast enhancement cream. :P I had steady progress ever since I started it a week and a half ago. Honestly, didn't expect to see results just 7-10 days after using it. It's not greasy and absorbs easily into the skin. I got this idea after reading a user's routine over on another BREAST Enhancement site. For better result you can take BE pills too.
              Good luck in whatever you choose...
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              Grow Up Girl


              • I truly understand your problem coz I had the same earlier. luckily for me now it's not an issue anymore. I've made a successful breast surgery in France and now my breast looks awesome! For more information please address Medifrance Solution!


                • As far as I know there is a supplements to make your boob bigger. Would you like to try for it?


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