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Period is super off please help!

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  • Period is super off please help!

    About a month ago, during my ovulation, I started bleeding very lightly which is very abnormal for me since my period is pretty much stable now. Then 2-3 weeks laters, I got my normal period about 4-7 days late. It was the normal flow that I usually get. NOW, I'm in my ovulation phase once again and I just started bleeding very lightly again. SO BASICALLY, I started bleeding every two weeks for the past month and a half. I have no idea why this is happening. Some of the changes that have occurred in my life would be: I started working out a lot more than I used to, I have been a bit more stressed than usual, and I lost my virginity about 5-6 months ago. My bf and I do it with condom mostly. There are instances where he sticks it in bare for about 20 seconds, but he never ejaculates. Can anyone explain what is happening?

  • I take it you are not on the pill. Have you seen your ob/gyn? Have you used a pregnancy test kit? For a theoretical scenario, implantation bleeding could explain light bleeding during ovulation and a miscarriage could explain both the late period and later light bleeding since all of the tissue may not have been expelled (a reason for a D&C). I am not saying that such a scenario is likely, but talking with your ob/gyn may come up with the reasons why your cycles are off and why you have light bleeding. Having sex without birth control opens up a greater possibility for pregnancy.
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