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Itchy red bumps!!

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  • Itchy red bumps!!

    That never turn into zits! They just sit on my face and itch and then sometimes I won't even be touching them and they will well up into huge red bumps on my face, neck, and chest. I don't know what they are!! Sometimes they will hang around for a few hours and sometimes a few days or a few weeks. Any ideas?


  • It sounds like it could possibly be hives which can be caused by many factors including:

    -Allergens, including food
    -Environmental factors; such as pollen, dust, and change in temperature
    -Emotional factors; such as stress, anxiety, etc.
    -Drugs; such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and vaccinations
    -Synthetic products; such as deodorant, perfume, and other synthetic substances
    -Infections and infestation from fungi, bacteria, viruses, pets and insects

    Start keeping track if there's anything different that you've added to your diet, laundry, cleaning supplies and things like that. Are you under a great deal of stress? I used to break out years ago when I was going through a very stressful time, since I'm no longer in that work enviornment I haven't had any break outs. I hope this helps and keep us posted of how things turn out.


    • itchy red bumps

      I have those itchy red bumps on my face, neck, chest and even on my upper back. They just itch and itch, and scab up...
      Question for you... have you had a baby recently?

      Originally posted by BroncosMom View Post
      That never turn into zits! They just sit on my face and itch and then sometimes I won't even be touching them and they will well up into huge red bumps on my face, neck, and chest. I don't know what they are!! Sometimes they will hang around for a few hours and sometimes a few days or a few weeks. Any ideas?



      • Do you smoke?

        10 years of dealing with random itchy bumps, (on my face neck and back) replacing cosmetics, food, detergent and going to a few dermatologists who never cleared up my problem, I FINALLY came to the conclusion that smoking is causing my itchies!!! I quit for a month....no itchies.....start back....itchies from hell.


        • I have red itchy bumps too!

          Okay... so I get these darned itchy bumps too, but not on my neck or face. I get them on my stomach, hips, and just above the knee. My skin gets so itchy it drives me crazy! This just started happening about a year ago. I have tried using different lotions and different bath soaps, but nothing helps. I have tried lotions with aloe, vitamins, oatmeal, and nothing. I don't smoke and I haven't done anything to cause this change. I can't figure out if it's stress or what.

          Mine look like little bug bites, but I scoured the house for fleas and washed everything thoroughly in case of mites or something crazy (unlikely because I am a very clean person). And they seem to show up in strangely symmetrical areas. Like the same exact locations on each hip and each knee.

          If I manage to not scratch them, then they just sit there like a small itchy bug bite. But if I itch it, then they get larger in diameter and raise up a little more, and then afterwards they leave dark spots but eventually go away.

          So I am wondering, has anyone found any particular lotion or ointment that prevents and treats these things? I asked my dermatologist, but surprisingly he was no help. He gave me some ointment but it's greasy and doesn't work well for prevention. It just ends up getting rubbed off on my clothes.


          • Itchy Red Bumps on Face

            I have those itchy red bumps on my face about four years ago, I tried everything to get rid of them so I could have some amount of peace. I went to a dermatologist who gave me every kind of pill and every kind of cream for my face and nothing worked. He even scaped my face to see if I had a bacteria growing on it, even though I washed every day. Pretty disgusting. Any ways the lab came back negative. The dermatologist thought I may have rosacea except for the itchy part. That symptom did not fit. Needless to say I got tired of it and went to a plastic surgery office that offers light chemical peels. The doctor did not think that the peel was such a good idea with the way my face appeared broke out and all and she thought that the peel might irritate it and make it worse. I said regardless of the outcome I still wanted to give it a try. I did, and within one and a half to two weeks my face was completely cleared up. No bumps, no itching, no irritation. The chemical peel worked for me. This happened in 2004, my face has been cleared from these annoying itchy bumps until now. This time they came back and are on my face, my neck and my upper chest. Still can not figure out what they are, but the chemical worked the first time so I am going to go give it another try. I will let everyone know what happens. If anyone figures out what these bumps may be please let me know. Also some of the stuff that was said in earlier threads about recently having kids or smoking. I had my kids in 1993 and 1996, so the whole giving birth recently did not cause it and also I have never smoked. Let me know if anyone figures it out. Good luck and if you do try the peel , let me know if it works for you. The peel I got only costs around a $100.00.
            Well, good luck to all, and may we all find relief


            • Vicks Vapor Rub Cure

              I chanced upon the most effective remedy for just about every skin irritation on any skin, from face to feet. I read about using Vicks Vapor Rub on foot fungus so I tried it on a rash on my arm and it worked. It doesn't smell the best but it's cheap and it does the trick. Straight camphor oil is even better and they are both inexpensive remedies. Spread the word!


              • Me too! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

                I've had had the same thing on my upper arm for 5 years. The Dr's keep giving me creams that don't work. It always starts in the same spot like a blister bump/ most of the burning and itching is at night. So intense I can't sleep! Then it looks like bug bites that never really heal and move on to be 3 or four in the same area! when they start to go away they leave a dark mark!

                I have been to 5 Dr's that have no I idea what this is! If anyone has had some help, please reply! Jennyreen1aol.com



                • itchy red bumps.... irritating!

                  So I've had the bumps on my chest, neck, a little bit on my face (cheeks/jaw near ears) and a few on my back (lower and upper) for about 6-7 years.... and they drive me crazy!!! They started with one or two here or there on my chest or upper back but now they've spread.

                  I've gone to a few dermatologists. One said it was scabies (duh not quite!) the other wanted to take a nice chunk out of my skin to test it (no thanks). What calms it sometimes is baby oil (w aloe and vitamin e) and jergens lotion (which is what I've used for years because of my sensitive skin). Nothing I've tried makes them go away though and they just itch so bad! The more I itch the worse they get.... sometimes I itch them so bad I make myself bleed and I don't know what else to do about them!!! I'm thinking I might try that peel thing (anything that might work) but it's horrible! Why is it that no dermatologist can figure out what to do when obviously there are many of us out there with the same problem?!

                  My last dermatologist said she's never seen anything like it.

                  ANY HELP?????


                  • Itchy red bumps

                    I also get these on my face and neck. i have been getting them since about 3 years ago. They will appear from nowhere. a part of my face or neck will suddenly become itchy and if i scratch, the bump will get bigger. i have no idea what they are :S the only thing i have found that will make them go away is eurax cream which is something i had from when i had chicken pox earlier this year. when i feel an itchy bump coming up, i put the cream on and it stops it itching and the spot will go away with an hour or so...


                    • I have the same problem. It is driving me crazy. I went to a new Dermatoligist about a month ago and she told me it was rosecea. I have tried everything that all the other Derms told me to try. So I have been taking oral antibiotics daily washing with a perscription face wash and putting Metro gel on twice a day. The first week I had even more but I figured that the meds were bringing it all to the surface. Well It still has not stopped so I called Friday and asked for help. I am going back to the Dr. this afternoon. Just for the record I am 47 my son is 24 I do not smoke I eat healthy and I have been trying to figure this out for at least 6 years. If anyone ever gets a clue please let me know and I will do the same. My bumps are on my face, neck, chest,and shoulders.


                      • Annoying itchy red spots

                        Hi there,

                        I am in despair. Never had a problem with my skin throughout my teens, 20's nor early 30's but now that i'm heading way too close to the big 40 my facial skin is having major problems.

                        In the summer my skin is okay. In winter and especially recently my face on the left side resembles that of freddy kruger and its now spreading to my neck. All on the left side.

                        My washing powder is one of those friendly to the environment ones. I east real healthy food. the only thing is, I smoke. I've been smoking since i was 15. I know. Bad. Very bad. I probably smoke about 5 a day which isn't too much but i was thinking perhaps this may be the cause. Maybe stress, I'm not too stressed, maybe a little though. But why on one side and what can i do? Would a chinese herbalist be the answer? I tried one of those organic creams they make here in OZ and it made it worse, my sister reckons i have an allergy to nuts because the product has nuts in it. When i tried avocado it really freaked out.

                        Help please!


                        • itchy red bumps

                          I've had the red itchy bumps for a little over two years. I got them about two months before i found out i was pregnant. So they're not from the pregnancy even though that is what my obgyn told me they were from! Plus i was also a smoker, and I did NOT smoke throughout my pregnancy and they never went away. After i had the baby (last year) my md gave me mild antibiotics (because i was breastfeeding) to treat the bumps, AND they DID go away for about three months. I haven't been back to see my MD. My recommendation is instead of finding solutions online, try to get in to see your MD! Maybe they'll have something that will work!


                          • hi ladys an any guys that are reading !! well i have been looking an looking an looking for answers as i have the same blinking problem .
                            I have had this for about 4-5 years now an i have had it with these red lumps but only on my face , my face is scared from it an not feeling to good within my self as people look at your face , i have these red marks that slowly turn dark but never go away . Im not to sure if most of u will agree on this put hey no one has come up with anything yet an im just gonna say it cause no one els have yet ...........so here goes lol
                            I have been with my partner for 4 years an i never really thought about it , he works away in irag an i get to see him 3 montsh a year grr anyways this last 2 months when he came home i was under alot of stress thro personal reasons an these lumps just came out of no where all over my face , i still have some , they totally coverd my face most around my mouth tho ? an i was so upset i would leave the house ............ well i have tried everything an u have to understand befor u take this the wrong way ok an im not saying u have it !!!!
                            My partner rings me up 2 weeks ago an said he had these red itch lumps coming up on his head an was getting worried as someone might say something because of the nature of his job .........so he went to the docs after finding it has spread to his face , at first they was red itch lumps sooner turned in to scabs !!
                            Doctor said he didn no what it could be so took blood tests to send of to germany .......2 weeks later he came back with docs reports an told me (HE HAD HERPES BUT SIMPLEX 1 NOT 2 SO REMEMBER THAT !!!) if u r wondering what this has to do with me just hang on there ill tell u now !!
                            I did alot of looking up on herpes since then an i have to say i think i might just have it an going for blood tests , herpes simplex 1 is not gentital guys so dont be like omg lol anyway i rang my mum to ask her if she had any sort of bad case of cold sores as a young lady or child an she said yes .............herpes simplex one will run straight down to your child or u can get it from a being a child being kissed from a older person in family anyone really who has a cold sore or just getting passed on that why its so easy to catch it (look herpes simplex 1 up an see for your self ) , when i thought about it i just couldn say no to a blood test as it might just be that an stop all my probs .
                            I no most of u have them on your chest , arms an so on but where i kiss my partner on his head is where it started so it might just be i give it to him !!!! even tho i have been with him for 4 years i havn had them on face when he has been home only when im under alooooot of stress the come out which happened to be this time around .
                            I dont no if any of u will agree on it but i just wanted to share my story as maybe someone out there might take it on an just have a blood test just to see , im going at 4 an will let u all no as soon as the report is back !!! anyway peeps im off an be looking forward to some reply good or bad lol x x x


                            • hey i am experiencing the same thing with the bumps...i had them first behind my knees and then on my arms and now on my face...when they go away they leave black spots i went to doctor and they gave me some cream which doesn't work...i also take bendryl to deal with the itching. the bumps are red and sometimes appear as welps when i scratch they seem to get larger. i also heard that if you have a viral infection it could cause this affect. i'm willing to try almost anything to make them go away. people are so insensitive when they stare in your face like they are crazy. having these bumps in my face really makes me uncomfortable and has my self esteem shot to . anyway anyone who can come up with something as to treating this please let everyone else in on it...because it seems like the doctors and dermatologist don't have a clue


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