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Stretch Marks on Thighs.

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  • Stretch Marks on Thighs.

    Hello. I just turned 19 years old and I have never had stretch marks on my thighs before. I've always had a few very light (almost white) stretch marks on my hips but about two weeks ago I was cheacking out my body and found these new stretch marks on my inner thighs. I have gained weight but I've been about this size for about 2 years now. I'm 5 foot 3 and I weight 155lbs. For a girl my size and height that is a high weight.

    I'm just wondering if anyone elce has stretch marks on their thighs and what would be some of the best ways to get them to dissapear... I have been trying to work out more. I've been swimming in my in ground pool a ton more this summer and I have started to jump rope.

    Unfortunately, since these stretch marks have appern I've been feeling very self concous about myself. I've stopped wearing shorts and I'm constantly worrying.

  • at 19 you are far too young to worry about stretch marks..most men could care less about them..put those shorts back on..the weather in canada this year has been too humid to go without them..
    [I]a smart man learns from his mistakes..a wise man learns from the mistakes of others..[/I]


    • I agree with Dr mansview but i do understand being the same age as you that it can weigh down on your confidence. There are a few products on the market that can help reduce stretch marks, the one i have used personally for scars after operations is Bio Oil. It apparently works for stretch marks also.


      • Ive found that cocoa butter body lotion works wonders for stretchmarks. Its also very cheap.


        • I got stretch marks on my thighs around the same age as yourself! I am a shortie also. I have spent way to long worrying about them. Sometimes they may not go away and if they are only light they are not noticeable. Most women and some men get them so as Dr.Mansview said get out the shorts!
          peace, love and cha cha cha!


          • You can try using coffee grounds (leftover from your coffeemaker) and rub it daily on your thigh or area with stretchmarks then rub some cocoa butter. It'll surely fade out those nasty marks ^_^


            • I agree with St Angel.

              Bio Oil is brilliant, I have also used it for scaring and it helped it a lot.
              Also I'm turning 19 shortly and had recently got stretch marks on my thighs too, mine were dark purple.
              I'm 5 ft 5 and 112 lbs. I'm actually under weight for my height and age.
              But I still got them.

              I used the Bio Oil and it was almost like they magically disappeared
              Highly recommended!
              Live Like There's No Tomorrow, Laugh Until The Pain Goes Away, And Love Like Nothing Else In The World Matters.♥.


              • vitamin e oil and lots of water will do the trick.water!


                • I agree with the water and BioOil suggestions.


                  • Mu husband had to find a way to remove his stretch marks and he used a cream called Revitol.

                    It seems to be working great for him.....


                    • I got stretch marks in that same around when I was 19-20. They are still there, but since then I've lost weight. They have faded so much that you can't really see them unless you were really looking close at my thighs. Wear shorts! It's part of being a woman and embrace it. You're a beautiful healthy woman! Don't be embarassed. If you're worried about what guys will think, they won't even notice. They usually don't! My guy never noticed it until I pointed it out and because he loves me, he loves those too!


                      • I dont know anyone who does not have stretchmarks..


                        • Exactly Little Chuck. It's human


                          • Drink lots of water. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea or soda. Water keeps your skin hydrated and soft, which will make it less likely to develop stretch marks, and help get rid of the marks as well.


                            • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Likewise, keep yourself sufficiently hydrated at all times, eat a healthy, tone your muscles/thighs.


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