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Skin Health Maintenance

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  • Skin Health Maintenance

    I am 30 and need advice on my skin care/skin health maintenance.
    I used to have acute acne problem in my teen-age years. I still have breakout sometimes. I had used almost every single thing on m face to get rid of acne. My skin has lost the smoothness. I understand I cannot make up for the past. But is there any way I can take care of it from now on. I mean so that my skin looks soft/fresh.

    Also I have kind of black circle around my lip and chin. I think I have combination skin. Can you please help me with these all?
    And suggest me a good skin care product with the ways to use them properly.
    make up and beauty salon Dublin

  • Oh my goodness!! Arbonne is the best product to use for the smooth skin feeling. I couldn't believe the results when I started using it. Let me know if you want more info.


    • My age is 33 and I love what I use because it's made from PURE WATER...


      Hi. I use a skin care system that's anti-aging and is for ALL skin types. It's the purest skin care that exists because it's made from pure water and it works on the cellular level of the skin which means it penetrates deep within the cell's nucleas to release hydration into the skin making it more supple which is what you said you wanted and hydrated. It's a patented technology and the research and development company that makes it is a company of integrity and wholehearted innovation that believes in the strength of good and true products that work, really work. You can easily view my profile and click on the website that I have listed to learn more about it. I couldn't recommend a better innovative skin care system on the planet and let me just say that if I was only in it for the money instead of truely helping out people find something that I know can REALLY make a difference then I would be just another selling shark out there that wouldn't care WHAT you do as long as you buy MY products. Now, that's really unethical and besides, you can't buy anything from the website I have listed anyway, it's only for information. Hope this helps.
      Strength In Research;)
      THINK GOD :rolleyes:


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