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Sun... Friend or Ennemy

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  • Sun... Friend or Ennemy

    Hello! I would like to know you opinion about Sun... Is it a friend or an ennemy? Or both?
    I love get tan, but before that I always get burned by the sun. And now, I see my skin so dry, like it doesn't accept the sun anymore... What about you?

    Do you protect yourself from the sun ? From the UVs ? …
    - …daily ?
    - …during vacations ?
    - How ? Sunscreen ? Hats ? Special clothes ? Others ?


  • Tan = skin damage. It's that simple.

    Over exposure to the sun does irreperable harm to our skin and EYES.

    Over cast days DO NOT protect you from the damaging rays of the sun...as only the damaging rays get through the cloud cover.

    A 100% cotton t-shirt has a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of about 2. "Tanning Oil" that you buy at retail has a SPF of 4.

    I wear sunscreen year around all the time. I apply it in the morning immediately after drying off from my morning shower.

    Your body is a temple. Treat it accordingly.
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    • It has long been said that getting "some" sun is good for you a form of Vitamin D but then Vitamin D can be found in many other forms.

      According to research, over 8000 Americans die from melanoma per year, and up to 1 million get skin cancer, with the vast majority of those cancers caused by UV exposure.

      Sun screens "used" to be issued at a low dosage, now you'll find they rarely exist, with 30 plus taking it's place, that has to be for a reason.

      The fact that you get burnt, tells or should tell you, your body is being burned, how can that be good for you? It's not..

      Yes, people that play in the sun every year, with little or no protection apart from getting skin cancer, become rubbery, old, before their time, a lizzard look if you like.

      Do you want to look like that when you are older, or maybe not make it that far due to skin cancer?

      You can purchase skin tone foundation with sunscreen, I recommend it.. When at the beach 30 plus, and re -apply after you get out of the water, get a long sleeve thin shirt to put on after being exposed for a couple of hours and wear a hat.


      • Without the sun, the Earth would be a cold, dark rock. With too little sun, the cold would kill what plant life there was and most life would die. People with a lot of pigmentation can get a minimal amount of sun, such as through tinted windows and still have a tan, even on parts not exposed to the sun. Others, maybe you included, don't really tan, but burn instead to a ruddy brown. I've read that a white t-shirt has a SPF of about 7, but when wet the SPF is about 3. Getting sun on their skin works for people that do not have a constant source of vitamin D in their diet. If you can, put on sunscreen when you are out in strong sunlight.
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        • I think that early morning sun between 5am -6am is the best time but after that, it's skin damage. The sun is much harsher now compared to before so take good care of your skin.


          • sun is defintely skin damage girl!!! taking care of your skin is def a must! applying sunscreen is a must too!....if you use 30 spf you must put it on every 30 minutes..the sun can be very damaging to the skin


            • I agree with everyone else here. The sun may be our friend a long time ago. But not anymore. Protect your skin and use sunscreen!


              • I feel sun is the biggest enemy of young and beautiful skin. It is responsible for skin tan, sun burns, uneven skin tone, dark patchy skin, age spots/brown spots , wrinkles and most important and most dangerous Skin Cancer.
                If someone feel that Sun provides us Vitamin D and we should sit in Sun, then please start considering Vitamin D supplement tablets as an alternative.
                Protect your skin from sun by wearing a sunscreen or sun block, brimmed hats , shades, and if possible , clothes that cover your body in Sun.


                • Sun is the our friends of our body ,but enemy of our skin. The sun will make your skin get order more quickly.the UV rays will harm your skin.If you like to enjoy the sun, you can have some sun cream before you go out side. it is a good way to escape from getting burned.You can have a try. it is very useful./


                  • Sun is not a enemy. It is our good friend. If you keep your skin good then you use some Sunscream. It will protect your skin from sun.


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