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physical assets?

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  • physical assets?

    Do you judge people solely based on their body or physical assets?

  • I'd venture to guess that if 100 people responded, very few if any of them would say "yes" to this. I believe that most of us develop SOME sort of perception of a person based on their appearance, but that is certainly only part of it. In regards to being attracted to the opposite sex, most often initial attraction is based on appearance. But that initial attraction can be quickly fleeting if personality is discovered to be undesirable. So no.....I do not determine my perception of an individual based soley on appearance.

    There have been plenty of times where I did not feel initially physically attracted to someone, but after a while of getting to know them, felt STRONGLY attracted due to things like intellect, intelligence, articulation of speech, etc.
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    • We all like to believe that we judge people fairly. It is obviously frowned upon in our society to think that a person is discriminated against based on external factors. However, study after study seems to reiterate that we do make such judgements about people. The first impressions we get of people are very strong and it is often difficult for us to change our minds.
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      • Hobwash.. I'm leaving the thread open as it could be a good discussion unfortunately the OP was here to spam


        • Broad, broad question... This question could pertain to any situation related to interpersonal interaction and communication, none are specified though.

          Racism is prejudice and stereotyping. Stereotyping and prejudging is not necessarily being racist. I would pre judge someone who has a swastika tattooed on their forehead as a racist idiot. If I pre judged a black man as a drug dealer purely on the basis of being black, that would make me racist. We all pre judge, women often pre judge men who drive flash cars as arrogant or flashy; I pre judged a girl I saw out on Saturday night as probably a stripper with an ostentatious personality, based on the fact she was flaunting herself and showing off an inordinately huge pair of fake boobs. I'm always prepared to be proved wrong and we all know looks can be deceiving.

          I'll give you an example based on personal experience: I'm 6.2" tall and weigh about 15.5-16 stone. I've got very thick hair which if left to grow too long makes me sweat profusely, so I keep it quite short, I actually prefer to have grade 2 all over because I get bad dandruff. Over the last couple of years I've got bigger through my hobby of weight training (I was about 14 - 14.5 stone a couple of years ago). Since then I've deliberately grown my hair a bit longer to stop me looking like (as my GF says) a 'thug'. The first time I met my GF she didn't really talk to me and said I looked quite scary. Anyone who knows me would find this hilarious, I've never eve had a fight in my life!
          People do treat you differently based on your appearance. I'm 32 and was a skinny 11 stone when I was 19, before that when I was younger I was a chubby kid, so I've been fat (and bullied for it), skinny (and teased for it, though it's a welcome relief if you've been fat), and am presently quite big built (if I say so myself). I can assure you people treat you differently based on your appearance, people tend to be (unnecessarily) more weary of me now upon initially meeting me, I actually think I've got quite a kind and friendly face, and personality to match so any apprehension doesn't last long, though in certain situations the first impression is CRITICAL, so it can work against me. People also judge bigger men as meat heads (a bit dumb) and people are usually very surprised when I tell them I'm a part time student.

          In this respect, you don't specify whether or not we judge people based on physical assets AFTER we get to know them, taking a dislike to someone based on their appearance is shallow, maintaining it after discovering they're kind and friendly is downright awful, but many do it.

          Especially for women (who are, on average four times more perceptive than men) judging men based on appearance (in the initial, or initial stages of meeting) is an essential safety mechanism to prevent them putting themselves in potentially hazardous situations where any vulnerability could be exploited. I don't see anything wrong with this, or a realistic or viable alternative.

          When we first meet someone, their appearance is all we have to go by, so that's what we use.

          If I shaved all of my hair off, and tattooed 'Chelsea FC' on my forehead, and walked around in an England football shirt smelling of lager, wore jeans and DM boots, do you think people's perception of me based on my appearance would change?
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