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Vegan Diet and Acne

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  • Vegan Diet and Acne

    I've had pretty bad acne on and off for about 10 years. My face was pretty much cleared up until i decided to start using birth control. It made my skin horrible, so i quit.
    I went vegan about a month ago after waiting 2 months for my skin to stabilize after the birth control episode... Truth is, it hasn't helped at all. I have also cut off sugar, except that from fruits.
    I have cooked everyday, no processed foods in my diet...
    My acne is not getting worse, but it's also not getting better. I don't know what to do anymore.
    I've gone to a few doctors, and have tried all those popular prescriptions except for accutane. That is something I will never try though.
    Although I've had plenty of time to experiment with many things out there in the span of 10 years I still haven't found a cure. Even the vegan diet couldn't help me.

    I was curious to know, have any of you had any successful diets that helped improve your skin?

    Also, now, since I had a fairly long episode of clear skin, my self-esteem is pretty low seeing how much acne I have again.
    I was wondering what makeup you ladies out there with this problem recommend.
    I've never had a problem with makeup causing me breakouts, but i'd love to hear about what provides the best coverage without causing you problems. I've managed to find makeup that is acne friendly, but don't provide enough coverage.

  • I went on a juice (I juiced fresh fruit and vegetables) fast for a week and it had the unexpected result of clearing up my skin. My issue is not acne, though. My skin is sensitive and i get weird little rashes if I don't take care of it. At the end of that week I noticed I had no issues.
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    • You might look into sensitivities to wheat or soy. Being vegan, a considerable amount of your diet, particularly protein, may be coming from wheat and soy-based products. Many people have trouble with them.
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