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ways to avoid stretch marks

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  • ways to avoid stretch marks

    Having stretch marks after giving birth is one of the common problems that most women are worried about. Stretch marks will not disappear without intensive undergoing skin treatments. Luckily, there are women who delivered their babies with no stretch marks at all. One of they ways to prevent stretch marks is by massaging the skin with olive oil and by not scratching it with long nails. Share us more ways to prevent this disgusting marks from appearing after giving birth.

  • Keeping your body hydrate can help to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. And along with it if one have nourishing diet and exercise during pregnancy can help you to prevent stretch marks.


    • You can't really prevent appearing of stretchmarks during extreme weight and hormonal change, whats matter is how you treat them and keeping your lifestyle healthy.


      • You can make some DIY scrub at home by using olive oil. Massage slightly warm pure olive oil into the affected skin area. This will improve the blood circulation and reduce the stretch marks to a great extent. Keeping your body hydrated can help protect the skin from many kinds of problems.
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        • Great sharing of tips ! I also want to share few tips like make lifestyle changes to prevent stretch marks that includes eat a skin nourishing diet -
          1. rich in antioxidants that includes spinach, blueberries, strawberries, and other fresh fruits and vegetables.
          2. having Vitamin E that includes nuts, seeds, avocados broccoli, and collard greens.
          3. containing vitamin A which is contributed by carrots, sweet potatoes, mango, squash, and red bell peppers.
          4. containing omega 3s. So, eat fish, fish oil, walnuts, eggs and oysters.


          • Once you get them you need to treat them right away. Be patient and consistant when using a cream. I had success with Excel Skin Care's Premium Stretch Mark Cream. Buy through their store on Amazon for the best price.


            • There is no way to prevent stretch marks rather focus on fading it when you have it. A gel made with a mix of onion extract and hyaluronic acid can help.


              • Stretch marks are natural result of the changes in our skin. It cannot be prevented but we have the choice to minimize it. First is to make a change in you lifestyle like watching your diet and having a regular exercise. Second is to start a new skin care regimen like practising dry brushing, avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin, regular use of moisturizer and sunscreen. Last is continue the good routine that you have started. Cheers!


                • You can also minimize stretch marks by applying Vitamin C infused cream in the affected are. Vitamin C is known to be a good exfoliant and it can remove dead skin cells in the outer layer of the skin which gives way for new skin cells to develop. This will make your skin smooth and glowing.


                  • Would like to mentioned that the cream from Excel Skin Care works well for scars too. I also have not seen their two main listed ingredients Matrixyl and Darutoside in other creams.



                    • There are many anti stretch mark creams available in markets, but which one is good ? i am confused! recently i have bought "hollywood beauty", let see how does it work?!

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                      • I would recommend using Bio Oil, this and regular moisturising (at least twice daily) around the area will definitely reduce the appearance of stretch marks even if they do not get rid of them completely. If you start doing this as soon as you notice them you stand a much better chance of them clearing up completely too.

                        I have heard that olive oil is good too but having not personally tried it I wouldn't want to say!

                        Best of luck

                        Nat xo


                        • You have to change your lifestyle to prevent stretch marks. Beneath I am mentioning some ways how you can prevent from stretch marks.
                          Eat skin nourishing diet, for e.xample: Eat plenty of spinach, blueberries, strawberries, and other fresh fruits and vegetables.
                          Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
                          Perform exercises meant to make pregnancy easier on your body. Stretches, Kegel exercises, and other simple movements can help keep your blood moving and keep you more comfortable during pregnancy.[3]
                          Try pregnancy yoga and other low-impact exercises. Yoga and Pilates give you an excellent workout without requiring you to move in ways that may feel uncomfortable while you're pregnant.


                          • Stretch marks will gradually fade over time. There are several creams available in the market which are prescribed by doctors. Using them continuously can help you get rid of stretch marks. It may take several months for your stretch marks to fade away. Some of these creams may be harmful, like the ones derived from vitamin A, such as tretinoin (Retin-A). Such creams should not be used when you are pregnant or breastfeeding as it may harm your child.


                            • I think due to deficiency of water in body it leaves the stretch marks after birth. If we take water regularly then it will tightens your skin which is helpful for future. Otherwise you skin would be loose and stretch marks get longer and longer.


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