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What is the best way to remove pimple?

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  • What is the best way to remove pimple?

    I have used almost all kinds of product to remove my pimple. I have a dry & fair skin. Please advice.

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    I'd just cover it with concealer until it goes on its own. You could use tea tree spot treatment when going to bed, as well. The Body Shop do tea tree skin products. I do hope I've helped.


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      Can't tell if you are speaking about one pesky pimple that won't go away or if you mean acne overall...as Popcorn&Candy suggested, tea tree oil as a spot treatment works wonders. If you are having trouble with acne all together, you should look into changing your skin care routine. I suggest you use some type of chemical, perfume free soap to you wash your face. I had bad acne and dry skin too and until I switched over, nothing worked for me.

      I personally use the activated charcoal & tea tree goats milk soap (its a mouth full, I know) by a little local shop near me called Khineder Creations and I LOVE it, but there are tons of companies that just sell chemical free skincare that you can find online!


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        Charcoal is a very popular skin treatment these days. I use the Boots charcoal products. It really cleans the skin. I agree that chemical-free beauty products are best. You don't want to strip your skin and leave it dry and sore. Acne is a pain but you don't want to damage your skin by stripping it. A light oil-free moisturiser will soften and soothe your skin, as well. Definitely use gentle products. The Internet is a gold-mine when it comes to beauty products [and everything else!]. Good luck with your search.


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          Old wives tale that works.

          "Toothpaste" place some on the pimple, cover it, it will disappear .


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            1 Use a turmeric paste
            2 Make a cucumber mask
            3 Use Steam
            4 Try a bit of garlic
            5 Use a honey spot treatment.
            6 Try putting salt on them.
            7 Use a retinal product
            8 Use a konjac sponge
            9 Try a steroid injection
            10 Apply saliency acid
            11 Try using papaya
            12 Use a bit of benzene peroxide


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              Here are the top 10 ways to get rid of pimples fast.

              1. Ice

              2. Lemon

              3. Tea Tree Oil

              4. Toothpaste

              5. Steam

              6. Garlic

              7. Baking Soda

              8. Honey

              9. Cucumber

              10. Papaya


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                Originally posted by AnnaMonroe View Post
                I have used almost all kinds of product to remove my pimple. I have a dry & fair skin. Please advice.
                From get rid from black spots of pimple mark I always use Juvabrite skin brightner which not only vanishes my dark spots of acne but also give me a nourishing soft skin.

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