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Cost of IVF Ė driving me crazy

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  • Cost of IVF Ė driving me crazy

    Hi there, read your post and so sorry to hear about what you are going through. Yes you are right. There is often a wide variance in charges between infertility clinics. It is hard to explain as to why it is so. I think that demand supply factor plays a crucial role here. Clinics that have achieved a high success rate can afford to increase charges without a drop in number of clientele as those seeking treatment will definitely be willing to pay more for a certain degree of assurance about success of procedures. Here I will share with you my part of the story. When we had our fresh IVF cycle back in 2009 we paid about 11,700 out of pocket which included monitoring, drugs, retrieval, transfer, hcg blood test and 6 week ultrasound. One of the other clinics near us quoted closer to 17,000. So went with the smaller clinic that had less overhead. It worked out great for us with fresh cycle, but now that we are doing FET, the smaller clinic is only available every month so there is a lot more waiting between cycles. But the price difference between clinics for the FET was 5000 so I guess I am okay with waiting. The other things to think about is most clinics have you order your drugs through an independent pharmacy. Since, every case is different, itís hard to use stats for choosing clinics

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    You cannot simply compare the rates of Clinic A against Clinic B for IVF procedures as a whole. I agree with Kamal. You have to compare the value you get for money. I had a successful IVF procedure done in Ukraine about 1 year ago and they offer packages that at first sight might seem expensive but offer a host of advantages. For example one package guarantees unlimited attempts with donor eggs. In case of failure, the entire amount is refunded. That is definitely good return on your investment. If you want to know more about this particular clinic then you can message me anytime and I would be happy to help you.


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      When you compare charges of clinics for IVF there are a number of factors that should be taken into account. The first is the number of opportunities that are given to patients to conceive. The same clinic that 2 has talked about also offers Economy (One IVF attempt with donor eggs) and Double (two attempts) apart from the unlimited package. You can start off with a lower priced one and hope that you have a successful IVF. The IVF treatment cost in Ukraine is certainly affordable and lower than as compared to other countries. The clinic named for human reproduction is one of the best clinics and Iíve had a successful treatment there. It was recommended to me by my aunt who also travelled there for the treatment. And many of my known are undergoing treatment there and believe me they all are happy to have been there. The clinic offers an all-inclusive package with unlimited number of attempts until conception. So I guess this is the good part and you save money. And also, the clinic provides you with accommodation, meal and transport. You can live there until the treatment is complete. Hope this helps you. Good luck


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        After all these insights given by others, there is really nothing much to say. One point I would like to make. Upmarket high charging clinics also have the best doctors and state of the art testing equipment. When itís a question of bringing a small bundle of joy to the world, do not compromise with the standard of the clinic even if you have to pay more. Or in case if you canít not afford then there are many clinics that offer lower cost. As said by the Mikay this clinic seems to be good. I have heard about it but havenít taken any treatment there. So I just researched about it and found that yes it has lower cost as compared to other clinics and offers meal, accommodation and transport. But before you consider going into any clinic make sure that its good for you. Do an extensive research on it and if can visit then please do before booking an appointment there