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Research - arm pits

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  • Research - arm pits

    I am conducting some research for a potential commercial and I would like to hear from real women and stories about their connection with their armpits.
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  • Could you be a bit more specific?
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • Lol.
      Yeah, some additional information would be helpful.


      • Stories could be about anything, we want to know if you have ever had an issue with your armpits, how important the hygiene of your armpits is or isn't for you, how you look after them, if you have ever felt self conscious of them, any medical problems, if you have your armpits on show in your every day life... any story to do with your under arms we would like to hear from you.


        • when I was in college signed up for a paid research study for an instructor
          signed up for an individual time slots and did a bunch of tests
          finished, was waiting and waiting for instructor to come back, it was hot in the room and I lifted up my arms and smelled them

          later instructor told class about research results and she said there was a two way mirror in her research room
          she had been observing so she saw me smell my pits (I felt like sinking in my seat when heard that)


          • Originally posted by CastingBeauty View Post
            I am conducting some research for a potential commercial and I would like to hear from real women and stories about their connection with their armpits.
            You might be able to glean some information from this thread:

            jns and I are men, so you might want to exclude our views. All of the other commenters are women.
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            • Well, I soap and shave my armpits daily. I use spray deodorant afterwards. I like clean, comfortable armpits. I definitely DO NOT want to smell. That nasty sour smell: yuck. Anyhow, it's a shower for me every day.


              • I have never had much issue with my pits. Don't think much of them. I wear sleeveless tops sometimes.
                I wash and wear a deodorant and/or antiperspirant daily.
                That's the extent of my relationship with my pits


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