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jojoba oil

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  • jojoba oil

    Hello, everyone! I am looking for some jojoba oil. Some sellers lie about the ingredients and claim that it is 100% natural. I know if they have around 90%-95% of natural ingredients, they can say so, however I need something 100% natural. I have acne on my skin and I would like to use it for my hair too. Hope that it will be smoothy afterwards Moreover, sth cruelty-free would be nice too! Looking forward to your replays!

  • I love jojoba oil. However, I buy beauty products with the oil in it already. However, you're right: some sellers do claim ingredients are 100% natural. Of course, we know these sellers are telling porkies. I'd just go to a reputable seller.

    Your skin will certainly benefit from jojoba oil.


    • A great post, Loric2014. Jojoba oil truly benefits the skin and hair.


      • Jojoba oil needs a blessing as it was rich in important vitamins & minerals including vitamins E.

        Benefits of jojoba oils for skincare and Haircare.
        Skin benefit:
        • Balance oil production of the skin
        • Reduce wrinkles & sign of aging
        • Reduces pregnancy stretch marks
        Hair benefit:
        • Help in hair growth
        • Helps in maintaining hair color
        • Makes your hair shine


        • I love your post, haranaturals. It's ace. You seem to know a lot about skincare. Any tips of your own?


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