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Upcoming wedding...dont want to be pastey!!!

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  • Upcoming wedding...dont want to be pastey!!!

    Hi everyone,

    Here is my situation:
    I have a wedding I am standing up in about 3 months and I dont want to be pale!!! THe dresses are a pretty shade of brown and next to my skin, I may look washed out if I dont get some color!! I am really worried about my skin and tanning...I wear spf of at least 15 everyday (Im afraid of wrinkles!!!) and I hate tanning but have also heard that spray tan is dangerous and also turns you orange!! I am wondering if I have no choice but to be pastey in the wedding or if there is some other choice out there for getting some color without damaging my skin??!!!!!Please let me know of anything that would help

  • It's great your concerned about your skin and tanning beds. I have found that tanning beds will dry out your skin and after long periods of time give your skin the appearance of shoe leather. I used to go to the tanning bed alot when I was younger and found now that I'm older I'm paying the price. Have you checked into using any self tanners? There are products on the market that are safe for your skin. Look for products that are free of chemicals and dyes, they are gentle on your skin and should not turn your skin orange. Should you decide to use a self tanner be sure to exfoliate your skin prior to application as this will allow the tanner to go on more evenly. Good luck!


    • Thanks Rosie,

      I see that you are an arbonne consultant....does this brand have any self tanners?


      • They carry a self-tanner called "Made in the Shade" and their "Liquid Sunshine", which is a Tan Enhancer that lengthens tan life. This is what I use and I love it. I did not have any problems with my skin turning orange. These products have no chemical dyes in them. Of course with any self tanner you want to be sure to wash your hands really good after application or use thin rubber gloves so you don't have any discoloration to your hands. Their products do come with a 45 day return guarantee.


        • It's kind of expensive, but if you go to a spa, I'm sure you can find a GOOD spray tan type-thing. I went for prom, and I didn't look orange, and I have very fair skin.


          • Bed not all that bad...

            For prom, and important events, like weddings, I start tannning, and I get on an unlimted month for a bed. I go about 3 times a week for 15 minuets. I find that beds work well if you buy the right kind of lotion (found at the tanning salon), and use good lotions after your shower time. If you are terrified of the 'bed,' go with a spray tan at a professional salon...but do it way before your wedding to make sure you like. Each salon has a different form of a spray tan, and color....so ask questions, and make sure you like it. Some places can rip you off, once I went to a spray tan, and I came out uneven, and with streaks...that's why I stick to the bed most of the time. I go now once a week for 15 minuets to maintain my tan. Good luck! and congrats on your wedding.


            • Depending on how much skin you show in your dress you could just use a good bronzer maybe?
              [♥]Jessica Dawn[♥]


              • I went tanning only for my wedding i went like three times a week maybe two but i tanned very little but it was just enough i a very fair and up till then never really tanned at all . i stopped going so i dont have skin problems either. I didnt think that a month or two of tanning would hurt me much. i also used lotion with tanning properties in it like the jergens i think it was. i looked great and i dont look like an old leather handbag.


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