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  • Flossing

    Do you floss? I know that I probably should be flossing regularly, but my gums tend to bleed whenever I do. I don't think that I have any underlying gum problems so could this be a case of using the wrong type of floss or not flossing in the correct way?

  • You are probably bleeding because you don't floss enough. Your gums need to be toughened up a bit. I had a discussion with my dental hygenist awhile back about this. She commented on how nice it was to work on my teeth because I floss at least twice a day, so I don't bleed and am not overly tender. I've been told that given a choice between brushing or flossing - the flossing comes first. Personally I can't sleep unless my mouth is clean, that includes flossing and brushing not only teeth but tongue and palet.

    When you go in for a cleaning have them show you how to floss correctly. Then make a habit of it. It will not only help your gums but you heart as well - look it up!


    • i'm actually really bad at flossing. it's weird because it's a step my dentist ALWAYS gets after me about, and it's also a step that i always forget. anyway when i do floss, my gums bleed as well and as WC said, it's because you don't floss enough. it's perfectly normal so you have nothing to worry about.


      • Better see the dentist and get a good cleaning. Bleeding gums are never good. the same thing happen to me. i floss more than once a day. I almost lost a tooth because of plaque in the gum line. Flossing solved the problem.


        • I agree that flossing will toughen your gums, and they will stop bleeding.


          • (EDIT)
            flossing our teeth is good for us because it can help us to clean also our teeth after brushing it.
            because it can remove some food that we eat when we are flossing.
            that are not remove when we brush.
            i think it is normal to our gum's to bleed after flossing. but if it is not normal bleeding like it is to much bleed on it..
            maybe you ca now ask your dentist for some information about it....
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