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Oh no..my first cavity!

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  • Oh no..my first cavity!

    So today I went to the dentist and I dont have one but SEVEN!! cavities!..Ive never had a cavity and take good care of my teeth. Apparently I dont floss enough so they are in between them. Im just nervous to get them filled..Does it hurt when they fill the cavity? How much pain will I be in aftewards? Thanks

  • Oh god.. i feel that i might have the same problem.. I never had a cavity, but last time i went to the dentist they spotted like four suspected ones.. uh oh.. i dunno what to tell you cuz ive never had my teeth filled..


    • It depends on how deep the cavities are. If they are in between the teeth, I think you may be out of luck. You are going to need a good bit of local anesthetic...they give you shots in your gums....its uncomfortable but not unbearable. I'd be surprised if they try to do all 7 in one marathon. They'll have to drill the cavities out, then fill.

      I had one filled a while back where I needed no anesthetic. Granted the Dr. was top notch.

      Best of luck to you.


      • You'll be fine. If the needle hurts, just hit a high note and hold it until the pain goes away. That's what I do. :/


        • i just had to respond to you cause i'm like a dental work queen. name it and i've been through it. I have genetic gum disease that causes my teeth to be really week. Once they chip and break, in comes the cavities to finish the job. I've need something done to everyone of my teeth. Cavities really aren't that back. The needle stings a little but depending on the dentist, you may not even feel it. The worse part really is the smell of the tooth being drilled and the sitting there twittling your thumbs as they work. It takes about an hr or so. I have had countless about of fillings done. I've also had 6 root canals in one shot, 6 crown lengthenings in one shot and all 6 of my front teeth screwed in to the bone. Trust me when I say you'll be fine with every one of those fillings. I used to hate the dentist. After $12,000 in dental work on just 6 teeth, its become a second home. LOL!!


          • I had about 20 cavitys due to the fact that I hadn't seen a denist office until I was 19. 2,000 dollors later my teeth look pretty good. I had to have them all filled. About 5 at a time 4 visits. Relax it's not too bad. I was terrified. But it wasn't like i thought it would be at all. Get the GAS!! It's makes the whole experience a much more pleasent one. I had large visible cavites too. The small ones were a breeze.
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