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Does anyone have veneers??

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  • Does anyone have veneers??

    I might possibly be offered a trade for a web site design for veneers. Basicly an instant perfect smile. I have read a lot about veneers and am just wondering if anyone has had any bad experiences with them? My main concern is that they will make my teeth extra sensitive for the rest of my life. Anyone know any real live good or bad experiences with veneers??
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  • although each case is a little different most patients notice decreased sensitivity with veneers. Although there may some temporary sensitivity immediately after they are placed. Hope this helps.


    • it's not exactly the same thing, but i have resine (sp?) crowns, and they hurt. BAD!! i got them in april, and now they still hurt. to hot or to cold, anything really makes them sore. hope this helps.


      • Hi, i have veneers on my 2 front teeth after i chiped one and bonding wouldn't hold up anymore. i have had them about 15 years and had them replaced once. i cracked one somehow and they both had to be replaced.
        my experience is this - they shave down your natural teeth and since i had it done 2x, my natural teeth under the veneers are now paper thin. there is no going back once you have them. i also found it extremely uncomfortable to get put on, you get novacaine needles in the upper gums above your front teeth. these needles brought me to tears! if you don't have to do it, i wouldn't. i would go the ortho route first if you just need your teeth to be straight. if it wasn't for the chips, i would love to not have them. also, you can bleach or whiten so if your veneers are not as white as you want them to be, you can't lighten them. I am constantly aware of them and afraid i my crack or damage one, i never want to have to get them replaced again and i feel if i need to, my natural teeth wouldn't hold up to the replacement process again.


        • Think carefully

          I had resin veneers placed 15 years ago. That's what I should have replaced them with; however, porcelain veneers are more beautiful and like natural teeth. I have been fooling around for a couple of years now in an attempt to get quality veneers. Apparently, most are imported from China these days.

          If you can live with the teeth you have, keep them. If you don't like something about them, opt for resin, chairside bonding or something like Lumineers that does not require removing your tooth structure. It's very damaging if you get real veneers since they have to remove so much of your tooth structure that you can never go back.


          • pride cometh before the fall... this sums up how i feel after a bad veneer experience. totally done for cosmetic reasons, 10, 000 dollars later for four veneers. to explain 6,000 dollars of that was spent in the emergency room. it is a very invasive procedure, after the prep for the veneer you have very little of your original tooth left. two weeks of waiting for the veneers to be put in they give you temoprary veneers that immediately fell off within a couple hours. so for the next two weeks, soft food and hiding from the public. next was the final appointment, in the meantime my teeth were very sensitive, one gave me excruciating pain, i mentioned, and my dentist suggested banally that it may be irreversabile pulp damage as a result of grinding down the tooth in prep for the veneer. ended up in the emergeny room with a face the size of a mellon, an abcess, morphine, codine, and vicodin, followed by an intravenous antibiotic later. the abcess was cut and removed, stitches, pain, and lots of stress later, needed to have a root canal, about 1,100, which puts my beautiful veneers at a cost of about 11, 000.00 dollars. i am very dissappointed to not hear more stories like my own on this site. since my experience i have found from other dentists and oral surgeons that it is not out of the ordinary. make sure you ask your dentist about the risks involved in getting veneers. hope this helps a bit, i am not saying veneers are a bad thing , but like everything do your research, i did not and i paid for it in more ways than one.


            • I have veneers.

              2 years ago I went for a consultation for veneers. The dentist told me that if I let him do 20 teeth we would get the best result and they would look fantastic. I believed him and made the worst mistake of my life. Some veneers can look OK, and they resemble real teeth. But real teeth and real enamel look better. The white shiny porcelain looks fake, and even though they don't hurt anymore. They still don't feel right. I thought I was doing something that I thought would make me happier and more confident, but in fact these fake looking veneers had the opposite affect on my life. I would be very cautious about any veneer procedure. Go to many consultations. Trust your instincts. Have a mock up done before hand. Make sure before any prep is done the color is chosen. Be careful about going too white. It's more of a problem than you would think. If I were you I would look for a dentist who does bonding with no removal of any tooth structure. Try a very conservative bonding procedure. Make sure the dentist doesn't plan to remove any tooth structure whatsoever. Then if you don't like the way your new fake teeth look. You can have him grind it off and you'll only be out some cash instead of having ruined your teeth. Veneers are very invasive and are best used on teeth that already have problems.


              • OP, You have not stated if you have any existing problems. If your teeth are healthy. I would NOT get veneers.

                To place veneers, some tooth structure will always need to be removed. The surface of the tooth must be etched for the veneer to adhere. Period. If you must, porcelain is more realistic to actual tooth enamel.

                I do not have them but my sister does. One on a chipped front tooth because the tooth could not be corrected with dental bonding due to the size of the chip.

                I agree with Paloma. Veneers should only be used on teeth that have existing problems.
                If you are trying to correct crookedness, aim for braces instead. Not invisalgn braces as they too, remove tooth structure to allow for teeth movement. A fact not advertised.
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                • My Experience With Veneers

                  I know this thread may be old but I hope to help someone deciding on getting Veneers or not. I got them 8 years ago. It is the best (and most expensive) decision I have ever made. It's funny because I had just got a divorce...and wanted to do something that I've always wanted to do for years and that was get my teeth fixed. (Couldn't I have just bought a pair of shoes? lol.)

                  I have to say that I completely lucked out with the dentist that I went to. I did a real stupid thing and opened up the phone book and looked under "cosmetic dentistry" I didn't have any referrals. I chose this particular cosmetic dentist because his office was in an upscale part of town and he's been there for years. I figured, well he must be good, right? So I made an appt. for a consultation.

                  My intentions were not to get veneers but to get my teeth bonded. There were two teeth that were bothering me and ugly and I thought, "well I'll just get them patched up or bonded". I knew nothing of veneers.

                  Anyways, I went to my consultation and he told me that he cannot just "bond" these two teeth and it just doesn't work that way. So, without boring you with the details as to why he couldn't just bond them..he then told me about porcelean veneers. I was sold. My heart sank when I learned of the price though. But you know what? I didn't care. I was newly single and going through a nasty divorce. For some reason I just didn't care about the price. I decided to do it and charge it to my credit card. Maybe it was selfish of me to do it, but I did.. and I just don't regret it at all. I love my smile


                  Here is the most important thing of all....I think it has everything to do with the dentist!!!! Now, this cosmetic dentist is well known and very very good.
                  Even my regular local dentist that I go to for my teeth cleanings saw my veneers and commented how beautiful they were and what a great job this guy did...

                  Also..everyone is different...some people may NOT be a good candidate for veneers and some will. My teeth were very healthy so I guess that helped make my experience a good one.

                  Sorry this is so long but..I just wanted to say that I think there are some very sad horror stories and there are some good ones like mine. The most important thing is to find a good cosmetic dentist...do your research...ask around about the reputation of a cosmetic dentist that you are thinking about going to. And don't go with the cheapest! You will probably be sacrificing quality. I really lucked out with my experience because, it could have turned out really bad.

                  So it's been 8 years.....not one problem or discomfort afterwards. Yes, there was some discomfort in the process of getting them put on..but just like childbirth...you forget about the pain because it's worth it!!!! But it really wasn't that bad.

                  I just hope I never break one...I'm sure his prices have gone up since then.


                  • I know this thread is old, but I did just stumble across it today, so I thought I'd post.

                    I got veneer's about...2 years ago now, and I love them. I have to agree though with Lyfe 22, it has to do with the dentist. My Dentist was so thorough. If I remember correctly it took about 2 and a half hours. Honestly, I almost fell asleep! If you have the right dentist, and take care of them after words, you'll like them. I got mine on my front two teeth, because I always had a gap. I didn't want major surgery, so I found out about this. I think it was $100-200 for each tooth.
                    Just remember to not eat hard things, such as hard candy or corn on the cob. I tend to hit my teeth on cups a lot, and so far they're ok, but my dentist said to be careful with that too. If you take care of them, and if they're done right, you can have them for years and years.
                    O! Also, be careful of stains on the veneers. You might need them to get brightened if you use a tooth brightener on your normal teeth.


                    • I know this might be a very taboo question to ask but are the veeners at risk for chipping when giving oral sex? I have bonding on my two front teeth now due to a fall awhile back and I want to know what method is the strongest and least likely to chip easily.


                      • I have them on all my teeth, which was extremely expensive; you have to finance it like buying a new car. I had to do it because my teeth were worn down due to clenching my jaw all the time over years of stress...also, I had worn off the enamel of my existing teeth by brushing them too hard. I did lots of research to find the best dentist, which is vital, and am still paying them off, but the procedure wasn't that big of a deal, well worth the trouble, and now I have a beautiful smile. I have broken one or two of them, but my dentist, Dr. Poe in Los Alamitos, CA, who is the greatest, fixed them easily. Don't listen to the horror stories, but do make sure you get a pro who knows what he's doing. Even some celebrities don't get good veneers, and you can see the difference. If you get a great job they will look like genuine, beautiful teeth.


                        • I have porcelain veneers on my two front teeth. I must have gotten them at least a dozen years ago. I've never had any problems with them and the procedure took only two visits; one to gently roughen up the fronts of the teeth and take impressions, and the second visit to cement them. I've been very happy.


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