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Boyfriend won't brush his teeth!!

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  • Boyfriend won't brush his teeth!!

    I'm just about at the end of my tether with my boyfriend we end up arguing over and over about the fact he won't brush his teeth!
    He went like a month or two without a toothbrush because 'his mum threw it away and he 'forgot' to buy another one' so i all but forced him to buy one.

    I've told him millions of times that it damages his teeth and stuff but he doesn't seem to care and it's driving me insane! (Possibly because I am quite an anti-dirt freak) but I think it's gross and refuse to kiss him until he does, and sometimes I can get him to. Other times he just rinses his mouth with toothpaste and water. (I checked his toothbrush because I didn't believe him)

    Recently he's told me its because he hates the feel of the brush in his mouth and I told him it's not normal he just doesn't seem to care!

    Any ideas how I can get him to brush his teeth? Because its driving me MAD!!

    Rant over. Help would be much much appreciated.

  • You can't get a grown man to brush his teeth if he doesn't want to. You only get one set of teeth, so he'll regret that when he's older and they are all rotten and falling out and he gets a $10,000 bill from the dentist.
    It's gross, I agree. That would be a total deal breaker for me. But nagging isn't going to make him do it. I wish I had more advice for you. Good luck.


    • Hmm. I agree with sourpuss, would definitely be a deal breaker for me! That's just GROSS!! He's not a 10 year old... what the heck is his problem?!

      Is he wonderful in every other way or kind of childish in other areas too?


      • Eewww - I couldn't do it, like the two above. Deal breaker for me. Hygiene is a biggie for me.


        • My ex wouldn't floss and that was bad enough, I can't imagine someone who won't brush! Yuck.


          • I posted about my ex's mouth issues on another thread. Too gross to retype...suffice to say that he now has no teeth at all.

            He's a man and he's choosing a path that will lead to very bad decay and possible loss of teeth.

            It's up to you whether you can stand that or not....
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            • Okay, well... I think I would gag while kissing him just knowing that you're kissing... gunk. Blech.

              I'm guessing his breath isn't the best either?

              And I'm sorry, but I don't have any suggestions on ways to coerce him to brush his teeth (oh goodness, it sounds like I'm talking about a 4 year old. >.<) But for your sake, I really hope you can convince him.

              But for me... I don't know if I could stand that in a relationship. =P


              • Oh no,no,no,no,no. I couldn't do it.

                Hygiene is important to me,So brushing teeth regularly is must.

                Ofcourse,he's a grown man.You can't really MAKE him brush his teeth if he doesn't want to.But I think you'll get fed up with it.As the ladies said,He will end up with teeth problems and he will regret not brushing.

                Good luck!


                • If only men would listen to their girlfriends sometimes... mines the same but when i moan that much he just wants to shut me up so he does it haha he didnt wash his hands after having a poop either, which was very discusting!!!! But weve got him into the hot water and soap routine after he goes to the toliet now. Hahaaa hope you find something to help you out .... x gd luck


                  • OMG.......I must have an absolute gem of a boyfriend because I simply cannot fault his hygiene, if anything he spends just as much time if not more in the bathroom as I do, and I know I spend ages in there.

                    Of course we woman do hold the upper hand....we simply refuse them their pleasure in the bedroom....but, there lays another thing, could we really carry out our threat?


                    • we struggle with this a bit. Dh does not brush every day. It was not taught to him as a child. It is easier now that we are teaching our kids to brush. Still struggling to get DH to Help me get them to do it 2 times a day. Although they are good at once per day.

                      Anyhow... I will not kiss my DH if I know it has been a few days. He has learned if he want's some good lovin he needs to shower and brush. Guys can be so gross sometimes! I can not belive how long he will go without a shower!

                      I agree nagging will not help but I would say no brushing means no kissing!
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                      • That is proper disgusting
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                        • have not had that problem with my SO, but do with the 2 boys. what has kind of helped is picking out an electric tooth brush for them. neither liked the one that went around in circles, but seem to like the one that kind of vibrates back and forth. still a bit of a chore, but nowhere near as bad.


                          • I'd like to say that this thread has finally gotten me to floss regularly, after years of not giving a hoot about what my dentists tell me..


                            • I can't brush my teeth too often. It wears on them too much and I get very sensitive teeth. I can't eat or drink anything too hot or cold if I brush more than once daily. It results in pain severe enough to have my head on the table. I've tried all kinds of toothpaste and the sensitive teeth formulas are only worse. My wisdom teeth cracked because some toothpaste got left back there. I also had cavities all the time until I stopped brushing my teeth as much with toothpaste. Haven't had a cavity since and they start to come back if I brush daily or more often with the usual type toothpaste. I rinse with peroxide frequently, scope about once daily (cannot use listerine or it causes the same problems), and every other day I brush and clean my teeth very very very well with baking soda. Always making sure to rinse everything thoroughly out of my mouth because anything left behind could cause more problems with my teeth.

                              Maybe try having him use something other than regular toothpaste. Some people can't stand it and for some it's very harmful. You can get baking soda based mixes in the health food section or at organic stores. There is also tooth soap but it doesn't taste great so not as helpful to get someone to brush more often. Otherwise the bubbling of rinsing with peroxide will remove more from the teeth than mouthwash even if mouthwash is more antibacterial.


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