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Getting Braces

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  • Getting Braces

    Im getting braces next week, and I get spacers tomorrow. I also have to have a tooth pulled Thursday. Not looking forward to that. Im 26yrs old, and not thrilled to be walking around with braces on my teeth, but I've always wanted straight teeth, and invisaline won't work for me. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or encouraging words?

  • I've seen plenty of adults with braces, I honestly think no one cares. The only reason I even noticed in the first place is because I had braces for a long time as a teenager and can sympathize with anyone wearing them!

    It'll be worth it.


    • Not that Tom Cruise can account to me for much anymore But he was Hot at some stage and he had the same problem and he dealt with it

      Then there's Demi Moore who twittered a missing front tooth

      Then there is me whom suffers a heriditory decease which means all probably top teath over the next few years, and I say pfttttt. there are some advantages shhh, but besides that, who cares? Life if life I'm not dying, so be confident and say , "yes, but you can't imagine what beauty queen I will look like when they are off" and SMILE...

      So what...

      We are beautiful all of us in every single way, remember that... and you are doing something for you to make such a difference to you that you won't believe, so you just remember where your going, not where everyone else is projecting...



      • Thanks! I know it will be worth it in the end, I guess I should just remember that. It's just a big deal for me, cause I've wanted them for so long. I wish that I could've had them years ago, but my parents couldn't afford them. But late than never, right? I think so. =)


        • I meant better late than never... lol


          • Yes, braces are definitely worth it. They may hurt at times (only because of the wires and tightnings) I had braces for 2 years and they worked wonders. My teeth are beautiful now. Just stick out the braces for a year or two and you will be shocked with the results!
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            • I think it's awesome that you're doing it now. I had braces when I was little but my teeth have always had a weird look to them because they look like they've been straightened instead of being straight.. hard to explain, but I'm not happy with it and I'm 30 now and have decided I want to get invisalign and fix it up. Never too late to fix something that will make you happier! I only hope I can afford it, too!


              • Good for you! You will be so happy when it is over and done with!! I am 22 and I don't have braces anymore but I did get them when all my other friends were getting them off. Then I had to have 8 teeth ( baby teeth that I had WAY too late ) pulled at one time!! It was horrifying for me. When I finally got my braces on they actually constructed a fake tooth and hooked it to my wire because one of the teeth that they pulled was in front. It was A lONG 4 years for me but sOOOOOooooOOOo worth it!!!
                I couldn't imagine my teeth today if I wouldn't have gotten them!


                • I am 35 almost 36 years old and just got my upper braces on yesterday. I was wondering how you have been adjusting to it. I am finding eating to be a problem because I don't want the food to get stuck in my braces. I know that the end result with be worth the 2 years, but it is a very difficult thing to deal with as an adult. Please let me know how you are doing and any words of advise. Thank you.


                  • I'm 20 and I had braces put on last year (6 months to go now!) Everyone I knew who had braces had them at 13/14 so I was quite reluctant to get them.

                    I had to have 2 teeth out first, and I'm not going to lie, it was really quite painful (not during - that was just uncomfortable, but afterwards) - particularly as both of the wounds got infected. The pain should die down after a few days - if not get back to your dentist and get some antibiotics ASAP! I found dissolvable paracetamol the best thing to deal with the pain which i drank through a straw (carefully so as not to dislodge the blood clot)

                    As a compromise I went for the ceramic ones (invisalign wouldn't work for me either) and so many people have commented that they never noticed I had braces until I mentioned it - and it's so worth it when you see massive improvements! I was really self-conscious when I first had them, didn't like smiling around people and I was convinced that everyone was looking at them but you soon get over that when you get used to how your mouth feels with them in.

                    It can be a bit tricky to think you've made the right decision whenever the bands and wires get changed as it can hurt for a few days, and i get really grumpy when i can't eat properly! But it will settle down and all will be well again Getting used to eating with them is a bit hard, avoid very hard foods (particularly tortilla crisps as they can chip at the tooth coloured wires) and try and brush after every meal (though this isn't always possible!) You can buy/given by your orthodontist, little brushes which you can keep in a handbag to avoid the food getting stuck in your teeth problem!!

                    I also think, having chosen myself to have them, not been talked into them as a teenager, I will appreciate the end result more and I am more likely to continue with the after treatment (i have friends whose teeth are moving back to how they were because they couldn't be bothered wearing the retainers)

                    Best of luck, once you've done it you'll never look back. Just keep the end goal in mind and think how beautiful your smile will be afterwards! Hope this helps!


                    • When people who know you have crooked teeth and they see you with braces, they will most likely be very supportive that you are trying to fix an obvious problem.


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