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Dental Pain Advice. From someone who knows!!

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  • Dental Pain Advice. From someone who knows!!

    This is coming from the queen of crapy teeth. I had so many cavitys. But I have them fixed now and am glad for it. My experience was an awful one so here's some advice if you are experincing dental pain from cavitys or swollen gums. While your waiting for the denist appointment.

    1. Advil. It works much better than bc powders or asprin or Tylenol on an achy tooth.

    2. Hydrogen Peroxide. (or a mouthwash with it as an ingredient.) This stuff works miracles on a tooth ache. But it only works for about 30 mins per rinse. But if you are in agony it usually works just long enough for the pain killer to kick in. (if you rinse with strait peroxide DO NOT SWOLLOW IT. Really important. It says on the bottle that it's safe as an oral rinse but you should not drink it, that's bad lol)

    3. Brush really well around the cavity every few hours. Just in case there is something stuck in there that could cause an infection. (yes this happened to me also.)

    4. Forget the Oregel. It sucks!! Try Anbesol. You can find it in the same place as oregel and it works way better. It tastes nasty but when you have a tooth ache you usually don't care.

    Hope this helps somebody!!
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  • i agree Orajel is rubbish.


    • Oregel and Anbesol suck in my opinion. You think you are the Queen of crappy teeth? come visit me. I have something wrong with every tooth in my mouth, thanks to a very lovely gum disorder that doesn't allow the ennamel on my teeth to be strong enough to prevent them from just breaking. My front tooth was snapped from bitting down on a waffle!!! I have 6 implanted teeth (front, top 6). My major pains are those molars. When they get bad, my jaw swells the size of a soft ball (chipmunk anyone?). I agree with some of your tips like keeping them clean but mouth wash makes it hurt worse for me.

      My secret weapon? Warm Salt Water!!! As nasty as it is, if you swish it around in your mouth, it releaves some pain and will work to kill the bacteria. I have kept many absessed teeth at bay with this little maricle worker.

      Also, if there is an infection and you just cant get to the dentist, go to walmart or any drug store and pick up a pack of temp tooth filler. Its not a long term solution but if you put it in the missing filling or cavity, it stops other food or other particals from getting in there and making it worse.

      If it's already swollen, grab an ice pack. ice it for 10mins at a time, once an hr. this also helps with pain.

      My last tip is mainly to keep your teeth healthy. Dont use Scope or all the other extremely well known brands. they actually cause bad breath after the minty smells subsides. My dentist told me to start using ACT. Its loaded with Flouride and it took my teeth from to brittle for the dentist to even clean to strong enough to have root canals and fillings fixed.


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