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Jaw surgery? or not?

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  • Jaw surgery? or not?

    Hi there, am new to this forum and still need to make my decison about surgery!

    Ok basically..I just want some opinions I guess and I really have no clue what way to decide.

    The bit about my teeth that bugs me the most- the gaps at the top where teeth have been pushed out of the way due to lack of space can be fixed without jaw surgery. However if I want my teeth and bite to fit better, I need to have the jaw surgery. I've been told that as my teeth don't look that bad jaw wise on the outside that braces will make my teeth look worse before the surgery and that bothers me as I hate my teeth enough as it is!

    The other thing that petrifies me is the pain and staying in hospital and recovery. Part of me is thinking just go for it, it's got to be worth it as I've had teeth I've hated for years and surely I deserve to have the teeth I want but I'm not sure if I can go through with it.

    I've been told that if I decide I definitely don't want the surgery then they will close the gaps at the top and take teeth out the bottom and straighten them as best as possible but they can't really say how well this will turn out and that obviously wouldn't help with my jaw positioning or bite.

    So idk..just opinions anyone..please? It's been months since my last hospital appt and I really need to get back to them with a decision.


  • Monkey

    How can it possibly be worse, than how you feel now? It can't.

    They can also add, to teeth after, to fill in gaps, and they can also replace teeth if you have enough bone, so thereby pulling out a tooth so you have a better bite, and replace one, or a small denture, worse scenario.. The bottom line is, the answer to your question is what you know in your heart, that only "fear" of the pain is stopping you from doing it

    I say go for it and then work around anything else after... As for pain? It won't be forever and you will feel better than what you do know....



    • The best advice I can give you is the same advice given to myself in this very situation: SEEK ALTERNATIVES. One orthodontist recommended jaw survery for myself and I didn't even need it. I don't know your doctor or their background, but carte-blanche you were probably referred to a surgeon by a doctor who makes money off of referrals.


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