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Wisdom tooth extraction.. Little puss bubble popped...?

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  • Wisdom tooth extraction.. Little puss bubble popped...?

    Hello once again ladies, long time not talk..

    So Monday, April 19th, I got my 3 wisdom teeth extracted (two top, right bottom.. I was missing the 4th) and today, my mom and Mark had discovered a puss like bubble by the bottom right extraction. I'd been noticing a foul, sour like taste in my mouth the past few days so I'm guessing the puss bubble was it? Well I had taken a nap and when I woke up I noticed the sour, foul taste in my mouth was a little noticeable when I went to swallow my spit.. I ran to the bathroom to spit it out in the sink and there was a bit of puss and a tiny hint of blood.. The dentist who performed my surgery didn't prescribe me an antibiotic, which I think could have help me avoid the infection! My mom called the dentist and he said as long as it wasn't hurting me and there wasn't a noticeable swelling that it was a dead infection, like I had gotten food in it or something, otherwise for me to call the clinic and the on call doctor will write out a script. I had attempted picking at a burger last night from Checkers (Rally), could that have been some what of a cause? I still have the sour, foul taste in my mouth and its bothering me cos I'm trying to eat.. Another note, Mark's sister is always having dental problems and from what her doctor tells her when she gets the puss bubbles is that the infection can make her sick if she swallows it.. I'm not sure if I had swallowed any of it or not, I had just woken from a nap

    Also, I think it was yesterday (Thursday April 22nd) the bottom right stitch came out when I was brushing my teeth and now I'm noticing it doesn't seem like that extraction was healed enough for the stitch to come out! It's red and seems like an open mouth a little. Is that normal?

    I'm probably more than paranoid about this whole healing process cos I have never had any form of surgery.. I just want it to heal okay. Anyone who's gone through anything similar, your input would be greatly appreciated..

    xx Dominique

  • Get the antibiotics. Putting foods that can easily get lodged in your sockets will cause problems, stick to soup and things of the sort for at least a few days. And yes you will have swallowed puss, you cannot control what does and does not get dissolved in your spit.
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