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scaling and root planning PAIN

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  • scaling and root planning PAIN

    so i made an emergency appt for the dentist today, i am scared to go back as my expierience was horrific!!!

    My gums at the front despite great caring of my teeth, he did a quick clean of my front teeth, the gums on lower teeth have receeded in a week so badly! i didnt notice at first but then pain kicked in.

    So in i go sipping my water and thinking ok, antibiotics should fix it,

    I am a big detistaphobe. Dont know why

    But this made it worse

    He xrayed my teeth for next visit as wisdom teeth are struggling to come down. too many toofs! so some have to come out, fine and the braces fine!

    but he said he needed to scale and root plan my teeth, he started on the front, and the pain was unbearable, he said it would be sensetive, and i actually cried and ended up with a mouth full of blood.

    I have to go back next week for more, i get it, my teeth are bad and gum disease has set in, taking my antibiotics three times a day now.

    But i dread going back, i said i wanted pain relief next time, but he said we shall see i dont think you need it.

    I will go back, but meh, i am really scared. And i know its gonna hurt more.

    There are three dentists in my town, and the one i go to is the only one who accepts the medical card here. And i have to pay for this procedure as its not covered, its like 60euro. Not bothered about the money as broke as i am, I do want it sorted, but now im gonna work myself up all week. And to be honest im scared to my roots.

    Help! Any advice prior to going??

    (the dentist was very nice, but extremely clinically rough as if dealing with an animal lol, i guess it comes with the job, but i dont think this is helping me relax!)
    Take it easy! One step at a time x

  • Take some ibuprofen before going and just tell him that it is really sensitive and it hurts. You may be able to ask for some Novocaine to numb the gums but other than that I am not sure they can give anything for the pain until after (in the form of a T3 or T4 prescription).
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    • ok thanks a lot, will try that!
      Take it easy! One step at a time x


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