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Pain in gums

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  • Pain in gums

    I had a problem of teeth pain problem since 1 week. Now I am ok but since two days I am feeling pain in my gums. What's the reason?

  • Could be a number of reasons to be honest but I recently read a good article on oil pulling. Have you heard of it? Seems to be amazingly good for dental health. Check out the article: (removed outbound link) This should help with your sensitive teeth problems as well as your dental health as a whole.

    All you do is buy some coconut oil and use it as like a mouth wash before you brush your teeth and eat or drink in the morning. Don't swallow it or gargle with it. Just swish it around in your mouth for around 20 minutes. Apparently really really good for your teeth. Oh....and after you do this, rinse your mouth out with some water and go ahead and brush your teeth.
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    • Edit hidden linkIt is additionally vital that you visit your dental specialist for checkups and cleanings. Your dental hygienist will help you support the extraordinary nature of your teeth. In any case, you have to do your part by applying dental consideration tips. For example, you may as well abstain from consuming sustenance that are high in sugar and starch content. Bread, pop, cake, confection, and cereals cause tooth rot when you disregard the best possible method for cleaning your teeth. Microscopic organisms that live in your mouth digest these sustenance things, and transform these into acids. Nourishment garbage, salivation, harsh corrosive and microbes join together to shape plaque that sticks to your teeth. Acids in plaque have a tendency to break up your teeth's finish surface, until openings or holes start to show up in the teeth.
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      • It might be a gum infection or something else. Not sure though but I would recommend visiting a friendly and caring dentist and tell him or her what is wrong with your gums, where your gums hurt etc. and request xrays. If the dentist does find something(s) wrong with your gums, I highly recommend asking her or him what you can do to get the problem(s) fixed.

        Good luck to ya.
        You can look up about whatever I post about on this message board on any search engine such as Google or on YouTube or both.


        • May be you need to visit your dentist and get your teeth scaled.


          • If your gums feel tender or sore, or if they look red and swollen, you may be at risk for gum disease, there are number of other reasons also so I advice you to visit your dentist.


            • Gum soreness is also similar to having a paper cut. It seems like it would be a small thing, but the intense and throbbing nature of the pain can make it extremely annoying and uncomfortable. Having a lodged food particle, a canker sore or other mouth issue is pain amplified. Nerves and tissues in the gums and teeth shoot and throb unlike many others because of the sheer number of nerves and how easily exposed they become when tissues are damaged. Films and drawings that illustrate what's happening inside the mouth depict pain as throbbing red bolts radiating into and out of the surrounding teeth -- and it really can feel like lightning bolts of pain.


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