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Wisdom Teeth

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  • Wisdom Teeth

    I have to have 2 wisdom teeth removed. One erupted 3 years ago and the other one is coming in. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on going through the surgery? How much will I need?

  • How much what?
    It isn't a terrible experience really, especially if they're through the gum. Your orthodontist will tell you their standard protocol and discuss options.


    • How much anesthetics will I need.


      • I hate to say that my experience is different from kitty's.

        I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled after I kept getting infections. They had to break bone to get it out. I had to keep telling them to numb me more during the procedure because I could feel pain. Afterward I was completely numb and I just went home for the day to chill out. I sat on the couch watching TV and all of a sudden the most intense pain I have ever felt in my life hit me...and kept hitting me. I didn't know what was going on.

        I called the dentist and told them something had gone terribly wrong because of the pain. I was laying on the couch curled up like a fetus - just rocking back and forth. They asked me if I felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to the side of my head over and over again. I said yes. They said that it's how I should feel. I had just had surgery in which bone was broken and that's the reason they gave me the strong prescription for pain.

        So my recommendation is for you to get the prescription immediately after you leave the dentist and take it. It's not as bad if they can just use the extraction device on you. It's probably easier on women. As a man with dense bones it wouldn't work on me. The surgery itself wasn't that bad. I feel like the dentist office failed to direct me on how to care for myself afterwards and that is what made it so painful.
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        • If one is erupted it should be fairly easy to get a grip on it to pull it out. Depending how straight the roots are etc. may decide on how easily it will come out. Usually wisdom teeth can be calcified in place in the bone and require some persuasion but it's doable. The un-erupted tooth may cause more of a problem and may depend upon how it is sitting beneath the gum. Some of them are sort of sidewise and the surgeon usually makes a longer incision in the gum and it will be more difficult to pull.

          Each person reacts differently, I've known people that went back to work in the afternoon after having them pulled in the morning. I had mine done in a hospital under general anaesthetic mainly because I also had a pre-cancerous cyst sitting and eating the bone under a couple of molars, so when they got rid of those molars and the cyst they also removed 3 of my wisdom teeth. They didn't remove the 4th wisdom tooth because one of the roots was wrapped around the nerve.

          You may not want to hear this but I was off work and in pain and on pain-killers for the better part of a month. In part because they shaved my jaw bone down to a very thin amount due to the growth and they wanted to make certain that they had it all.
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          • Depends. I had them knock me out, but Novocaine doesn't work well on me. Afterwards they forgot to explain to me how to keep the area clean (there is this water jet thing to get food debris out), and the gums got infected. Afterwards my nearby teeth were so cold sensitive that I could only drink luke-warm liquids for several months, but that eventually recovered. Other than the infection and the cold sensitivity, I had almost no paid after the operation and didn't need to take pain killers.

            My opinion - it sucks big time. You have my sympathy.


            • For some it is no big deal for others, like myself and Stillness we had a very painful experience. There is no one defined way it will go because everyone's mouth is a different size and teeth are arranged slightly different so how painful or how easy the procedure is will each be a different experience. I personally opted for an actual surgery, getting put under with anesthesia, and IV's, the works...as I wanted nothing to do with feeling the pressure of the dentist pulling or chopping away at bone.

              I did not take the advice, like so many others, to use the antiseptic mouth wash afterwards because at the time I thought it's brown color and awful smell were enough reason not to take it lol. Bad idea, my sockets got infected and I had to go in again to be cleaned out of all the pus. Oh and even before they got infected it was easily the worst pain I have ever felt much like a baseball bat to the sides of the head. I got bruises all along the sides of my face as well, and the pain was enough to curl into a ball. Get someone to go fill the pain killer prescription as soon as you step out those doors as you will need them. No one is going to lie it is a very painful experience but everyone handles their pain differently and it is possible to have the procedure done without any ill side effects.

              Oh and another thing, when I had mine taken out they gave me a big tensor bandage set up to put ice packs inside and wrap around my head so the ice was on my jaw line. I looked like a complete cartoon goof with a bandage wrapped around my head lol but boy was that the best relief of pain...the ice packs just numb everything. If you do not get a tensor bandage set up like that from the dentist simply go out and buy a few. Wrap two ice packs each in a dishcloth, put those against your jawline on either side and have someone wrap a tensor bandage around the whole thing with a bow tied at the top. I promise with the pain you experience you will not care one bit that you look like a goof with it on lol.
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              • I have had my wisdom teeth out twice. My bottom two I had cut out when I was 17 years old. I just had oxygen and they just did the numbing shots. It wasn't horrible and I think I was done within an hour. It was only painful afterwards once my pain meds wore off and it took me like a week or two to fully recover with no pain. Then my top wisdom tooth came in on the left side when I was 26 and actually broke through the skin. I had that one pulled out, again, just numbing shots and no oxygen. That one was really fast, it literally took him like 10 minutes to pull it out. The longest part was just waiting for everything to numb. I was prescribed a pain medication but never even took it, because I had no pain and it healed really quickly. A lot of people choose to get put under when their wisdom teeth are removed and there's nothing wrong with that.


                • To be honest, mine as no picnic. But depending on where you are in the world they are going to take good care of you and you will have some good painkillers to last you afterwards. I would just recommend that you listen to every little thing that your dentist tells you. Even then you might still have issues, but if they tell you to do something, make sure that you do it.


                  • The dentist and doctor both give me white coat syndrome...so my experience was unpleasant. All 4 of my wisdom teeth were impacted. I had to do two separate appointments, 2 wisdom teeth at a time.

                    For the first 2 wisdom teeth I chose laughing gas and Novocaine. Because my wisdom teeth were impacted, they had to cut the gums, and dig and go under to pull teeth out, etc. I was awake and aware, and honestly traumatized lol For the second appointment to pull out the remaining 2 wisdom teeth I got knocked out.

                    I remember the healing process taking a while - mouth was sore (I needed sutures), eating was a nuisance because food would get stuck in the pockets where teeth were, and my face was bruised. Good luck. You have my sympathies.


                    • I had both a horrible and a good experience, had one side done by a complete hack and the other done by a good dental surgeon.
                      1st experience was a strip mall dentist that shot me full of Novocain (hitting a nerve in the process which made me feel like I'd been struck by lightening and caused all my muscles to contract) at one point he was leaning on my chest and had what looked like pretty standard pliers in my mouth breaking up the bottom tooth to get it out. I left his office and went straight to the drug store in the same strip mall and in that short time I was so swollen and bruised that the woman behind the counter thought I'd been beaten. Also the swelling was so bad and went all the way down my neck that we ended up having to call the paramedics to make sure I wasn't having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.
                      2nd experience was a cake walk. Count backwards from 10, got to 7. Woke up woosy, friend took me to pharmacy and stayed overnight but other than a few unexpected tiny bone chips, they had to scrape away part of my jaw bone to get the impacted teeth out and forgot to warn me about the fragments, and some mild discomfort it was no worse than getting a deep cleaning.

                      Lesson learned, get a good dentist/surgeon from recommendations.


                      • Very few people are lucky enough to escape the pain that accompanies an erupting wisdom tooth. However, for many the problems don’t stop with just the pain. There can be quite a few complications surrounding the tooth, that lead to the question – to extract or not to extract?


                        • well i am at starting stage of this problem..so cant you suggest you anything this time.. its about 1 month ago i noticed wisdom teeth growing left side. and its really painful...


                          • it all depends on the position of the teeth - if they're almost parallel to your jawbones then you're in trouble . But go to a good dental surgeon (not your regular dentist!) and you'll be in good hands! With a surgeon it's really not a big deal. Just don't wait until you have an infection and after the procedure keep the pockets clean until they heal. Some nice painkillers and a cool pack and you'll be fine the next day!


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