What is periodontal (gum) diseases? How badly it can affect?

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What is periodontal (gum) diseases? How badly it can affect?

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  • What is periodontal (gum) diseases? How badly it can affect?

    My friend has some orthodental problem. His dentist said that you have periodontal (gum) diseases. I never heard about this disease. Can anybody here who explains me about periodontal (gum) diseases.

  • Yes; it's a disease of the gums that, if left untreated can lead to serious problems, e.g., tooth loss, bone deterioration, etc.
    The good news is that the treatments, unless it is quite advanced, are simple and effective.
    They usually begin with frequent professional cleaning, maybe every 3 months, rinsing with specialized mouthwash daily, and using dental floss conscientiously.
    Maybe 2 years will cure it.


    • Yes, it is a harmful disease. Sometimes the problems can increase if you are not taking it seriously.
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      • Periodontal disease or gum disease begins with bacterial growth in your mouth. If untreated, it can usually lead to tooth loss and other health problems.


        • How can you tell you have gingivitis?


          • It can affect you in a very bad way. Your gums get swollen and they start bleeding. I faced this issue earlier and i wanted to get rid of it so I starte doing a little research <a href=" http://www.dentzz.com/
            "> Dentzz Review </a> so I went for a check up to the dentist and he suggested i should get the required treatment immediately. Since i did the treatment i have not faced any issue.


            • It can get really bad, as your gums might start bleeding and they can swell up and it hurts a lot, what i would suggest that you should see a doctor immediately and get the issue resolved


              • Hello,

                Periodontal disease is infections of the structures around the teeth, which include the gums,and alveolar bone. In the earliest stage ofthis disease, the infection affects the gums. In
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                • That's awful. Your friend was lucky to get it caught in time. Treatment should be fairly simple. I hope he gets better soon.


                  • Its caused by a plague build up under the gum, which loosens the gum away from the teeth with the 1st sign being spitting blood when brushing teeth. This in turn leaves room for infections, bone density loss and loss of teeth. 3 monthly visits to a dental hygienist helps remove the plague that you cant see but the treatment is on going & in serious cases, peridontal surgery may be required. Using a plaque prevention toothpaste, along with a fluoride one can help.


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