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What's it like going to the dentist?

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  • What's it like going to the dentist?

    Ok, last time I went was when I was around 4 years old, and I have no memory of it at all (presumably, I was too little to remember it), and I have to go again now because of a hole in my tooth which hurts every time I eat something really cold or really hot. Cold weather can set it off too, so I'll need a filling. So what's it like going to dentist? I'm a bit worried about it as I don't know what it's like.

  • It's not so bad the dentist will numb your mouth up. They may do a root canal or just do a filling. Plus may give you a few pain pills for after the procedures. For any pain you may have. So good luck it's really not that bad. But again everyone pain level is completely different.
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    • It's a bit like seeing a nurse or opticia, but you get to lay down. For a filling I'd recommend you have local anaesthetic because they can be painful or uncomfortable without. Sometimes when they give the anesthetic it makes your heart beat faster and makes you a bit shaky and Sweaty but that's just a normal response and nothing scary. Just lie back and wait for them to say it's all done I have about a billion fillings and though I don't relish having them done, there really are far worse things in life....like having blood samples taken at the Dr's.....
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      • I'm a bit curious, how old are you now?

        Are you sure there's a hole in your tooth? It could be it's just a sensitive tooth, which you should still have examined by a doctor.

        Dental exams can be traumatic to some people, due to their own anxiety, but really, they're nothing to be afraid of. Basically all they will do is look around in there at first, maybe take an xray to make sure things below the gum line are healthy.

        Since its been years, you should have them thoroughly clean your teeth, which isn't painful either.

        I think the sounds in a dental office are what can be scary for some. The tools and devices are sometimes loud and sound intimidating, but it's generally a comfortable process. If you aren't comfortable, feel pain, or experience anxiety then tell the staff/dentist there. They're likely trained to accommodate you and they want you to be comfortable in their care!

        Let us know how it goes!


        • Atskitty2, I'm 19 years old. I know, it really has been a long time since I last went.
          Yes, it's a hole, I can see it, and stuff gets stuck in it, meaning I need to use a flossing stick to get it out.
          I know it's not a sensitive tooth, I've tried sentsitive toothpaste and that doesn't fix it.
          I will be being booked into the dentist soon, so I will post after I have been


          • People with any type of surgery have a high risk of infection because they must take drugs that decrease or overwhelm the immune system. It is better to concerned a good dentist.


            • so how did it go, timely?


              • I can answer your question. I have been going to the dentist since early childhood. I've had the odd filling, teeth extracted, a brace fitted, among other procedures. You don't even feel the needle: you just feel your mouth go numb and either hear the drill or your tooth go crack and a pulling sensation. It isn't as bad as that may sound. Realize when you go for dental treatment, you've got nothing to fear.


                • Originally posted by TimelyRain View Post
                  Ok, last time I went was when I was around 4 years old, and I have no memory of it at all (presumably, I was too little to remember it), and I have to go again now because of a hole in my tooth which hurts every time I eat something really cold or really hot. Cold weather can set it off too, so I'll need a filling. So what's it like going to dentist? I'm a bit worried about it as I don't know what it's like.
                  Hi, there's nothing to fear about a dental appointment. Dentists are supposed to solve your dental problems and so you don't want to be afraid of them. Delaying a visit to the dentist due to your fear can make minor problems more severe. So make the appointment ASAP. . Hope it helps. All the best!
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                  • According to me a visit to a dentist depends on for what are you going to him. Just recently i wanted a smile makeover and i was researching which dentists to visit so i came across Dentzz Review and saw that they do smile makeovers. I have to say my experience was amazing. Right from the point where I entered to the time i left after my treatment was done i was very very happy. Right from the receptionist to the doctors to the equipment they used at Dentzz it was just amazing.

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                    • For the first appointment, since it's been a while, they'll probably just do an assessment. They'll need to take an x-ray of the tooth to see how far the cavity extends into the tooth and where it is, if it's gone into your nerve chamber, etc. If it hasn't entered into your nerve, then they'll recommend a filling. Fillings are pretty basic procedures, we do them all the time at my office. We start by numbing our patient up (we use a numbing gel first to make the injection easier) and then we start working. We use handpieces to remove the cavity then place the filling material in and harden it with a light. Adjustments are done to make sure you're not biting high on the filling, and then you're good to go. Most of the time the anesthetic wears off within a few hours and you're back to normal. It's normal for the tooth to be a bit sensitive for a few weeks after the filling is placed, because we opened the tooth up to clean it out, but if it's not too deep, it should go back to normal.

                      Don't be afraid to ask questions


                      • I would advise anyone to tell their dentist that they're nervous about having treatment. The dentist can use gas in case of anxiety, instead of an injection in the mouth. I assume this is possible, anyhow. I would double check this information. But when I've had dental treatment years ago, I did not feel the needle in my mouth at all. I heard a crack and felt tugging and pulling, as my tooth was extracted. It was over before I knew it. I have always gone to the dentist and can assure you there's nothing to be afraid of.


                        • In childhood, I was afraid so much of dentists. But now it is a pleasure to go there. I just lay and the dentist does her work. I visit her two times a year, even if I don't have problems. It's better to check regularly.


                          • Teeth and dental hygiene are very important. At a young age I decided to put up with any fear, as having beautiful teeth is important to me. I would like whiter teeth, so I use whitening toothpaste twice a day and I also use a stain removing tooth powder. I avoid sweets, too. Anyhow, there is no need for anyone to fear the dentist.


                            • It strongly depends on the dentist. After I found my dentist, I'm not afraid of them anymore. A good dentist will always treat exactly those problems that you really have, not invented to make money. And of course it is always better to always listen to recommendations about anesthesia and not save on it. It is also important to always treat teeth in time. Don't spend years without a trip to your dentist. It's important to have regular checkups every 6 months. Not really judging you, as I used to delay my visits as well, but since I found my (link removed) I've completely changed my mind.
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