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Don't get caught with bad breath..

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  • Don't get caught with bad breath..

    Don't get caught with the bad breath..

    Morning breath, halitosis — whatever you call it, it can be unpleasant and it probably isn't the way you want to greet anyone or start your day. There are a number of potential causes to halitosis but a wide range falls under improper oral hygiene.

    Bad breath, also known as halitosis or fetor oris, affects an estimated 25% of people, globally.

    In this article we will discuss potential origin of halitosis and it's relatively easy remedy.

    Everyone has a morning breath to some extent ,here is the simple reason why?
    When you sleep your mouth dries out . When mouth dries out odour producing bacteria proliferate as it is a bacteria friendly environment .Decrease in flow of saliva and increased bacteria growth results in halitosis.

    Potential causes of bad breath include:

    Tobacco: generally cause their own types of mouth odor. Smoking not only causes your saliva — your natural mouth rinse — to dry up but also can raise the temperature of your mouth, making it a breeding ground for that dreaded bacteria that causes bad breath. Additionaly, they increase the chances of gum disease.
    Food: the breakdown of food particles stuck in the teeth can cause odors. Some foods such as onions and garlic can also cause bad breath and their breakdown products are carried in the blood to the lungs leading to halitosis.
    Dry mouth: saliva naturally cleans the mouth. If the mouth is naturally dry (for instance, in the morning) or is dry due to a specific disease (such as xerostomia), odors can build up
    Dental hygiene: A film of bacteria called plaque builds up if brushing is not regular. This plaque can irritate the gums and cause pockets of build-up between the teeth and gums called periodontitis. These pockets bad plaque result in bad odour
    Dentures that are not cleaned regularly or properly can also harbor bacteria that cause halitosis
    Crash diets: fasting and low-carbohydrate eating programs can produce halitosis; this is due to the breakdown of fats producing chemicals called ketones. These ketones have a strong aroma
    Drugs: certain medications can reduce saliva and, therefore, increase odors. Other drugs can produce odors as they breakdown and release chemicals in the breath. Examples include nitrates used to treat angina,some chemotherapy chemicals and some tranquilizers, such as phenothiazines. Individuals who take vitamin supplements in large doses can also be prone to bad breath
    Foreign body: bad breath (especially in children) can be caused if they have a foreign body lodged in their nasal cavity.
    Diseases: some cancers, liver failure and other metabolic diseases can cause halitosis due to specific mixes of chemicals that they produce. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can cause bad breath due to the regular reflux of stomach acids.

    Oral hygiene is the key to most bad breath issues.
    Brush: one should brush twice a day and When you brush, be sure to do so for at least two minutes, not the 35 or 40 seconds that many people do.
    Clean your tongue:
    Also, when you brush your teeth, brush your tongue too. Another favorite repository for odor-causing bacteria is the back of your tongue.
    Cleaning tongue is equally important to brushing and flossing.
    Floss. Brushing alone won’t remove the food particles that can become stuck between your teeth and gums. Floss can help you remove the left over particles after brushing and give you better results.
    Rinse. Mouthwash will get rid of the odor but only temporarily. one should use it as directed on mouthwash.
    If breath odor persists despite the factors listed above being under control, it is recommended that an individual visits a doctor for further tests to rule out other conditions.
    Written by r Prachi Mehta.

  • Hi, thanks for sharing the informative post.


    • Good advice. I am sure many people will find it helpful.


      • I'm very impressed with your article! Thank you very much for sharing it. I think this will be useful to all users of this forum.
        Also I want to add some words about food. The bad smell cause not even the food in your mouth. You stomach causes it.
        I think you will find this interesting for you too.
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        • Thanks a ton!!


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