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Dental hypoplasia

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  • Dental hypoplasia

    Anyone else here been told they have this? I've been struggling with it for years. In my case it's directly related to my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, but I know it can crop up in people who don't have EDS. Basically, the enamel of my teeth is constantly undermined by cavities however well I treat them, and it breaks very easily; my mouth is a mess. I also can't retain fillings, as they simply fall out again. I'm intolerant to injected lidocaine, so my dental treatment has to use articaine (thankfully recommended to me by a lovely dentist in Iowa on Twitter, who has several complex EDS patients), & the collagen in my gums is much weaker - as all over my body - than it should be, and won't hold onto any loose teeth well. This also means I have to have lidocaine gel put on my gums before any injection is made, due to hyperalgesia & hypersensitivity

    As of a couple of weeks ago, I officially have just four adult teeth & three half-broken ones remaining, only one of which is remotely intact (upper right wisdom, which has only just erupted as it didn't have room before).

    I had to have 17 teeth extracted in one go under general anaesthetic last summer, but the restorative specialist decided to leave 6 of my remaining teeth in place because he thought he could save them. I thought it was futile at the time, and a year later I've been unfortunately proved right. I was supposed to have at least temporary dentures long before this, but chasing that up with the dental hospital hasn't yielded anything helpful.

    One of the remaining teeth broke quite literally in half while eating a "soft bake" a couple of weeks ago, and I've been told that it and all my other remaining front teeth will have to be extracted, and that they may as well take out the new wisdom at the same time because it will only end up in a similar condition and in the meantime it would make fitting me with full dentures problematic. I think that's fair, though I'm not looking forward to it - I was in hospital 3 days for my previous dental operation.

    All that is background really. They're now talking about what will replace my teeth, and the original thought was to have full dentures anchored by a couple of implants, as I am a singer and don't want the lower jaw dentures to keep shifting itself about as they reportedly do when insecurely anchored.

    Fortunately for me, all my treatment has been on the NHS and will continue to be so as I have no income. However, I know they can't fund some solutions, and I also know that the weak collagen in my gums may create a problem.

    Has anyone else here had a similar setup put in place? Do you know how it might work out for someone who's fairly young for this type of work to be done? (I'm 31.) I'd appreciate any relevant feedback, as there really don't seem to be very many people who have specialist experience with treating people as young as I am who have had to have all their teeth removed...

    Many thanks

  • Are your jaws strong enough to hold dental implants? Would there be complications?
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    • That's exactly what I'm not sure about, I'm afraid. My teeth wouldn't hold fillings, and I also have TMJ (temporomandibular joint, the jaw joint) disorder... The collagen of my gums (and everywhere else) is weak, but my bones are as strong as anyone else's and my alveolic bone seems to be eroding on schedule as I was told it would (that's the stuff that anchors natural teeth, that wears down in people who lose them until dentures can be placed right against the normal bone). So... maybe? I don't know, yet.


      • I'm not an expert on dental issues, but I hope your jaw is strong enough to hold dental implants. I assume the alternative would be dentures. My aunt has dentures and they suit her well. I know this is of little help, but I am sure you'll end up getting the right treatment.


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