Yellowish Teeth-Need Teeth Whitening

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Yellowish Teeth-Need Teeth Whitening

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  • Yellowish Teeth-Need Teeth Whitening

    Hi all, it will be my marriage the next month. Every arrangements have been made for my big day. The next thing which I have to take care is my teeth. It’s been long since I have done the teeth whitening. My teeth became yellowish due to my continuous coffee drinking. My aunt told me that I look pretty in the gown but the only problem is with my teeth. I'm planning to undergo the cosmetic treatment from Oakville. There are only a few days left for my marriage. I'm a little bit tensed thinking about the teeth whitening treatment. How long does the treatment take? How do I keep the whitened teeth bright for as long as possible? Kindly clarify my queries. Good luck to all those who are marrying this year.
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  • Congratulations on your marriage! How did the tooth whitening treatment go? Teeth can become yellow quite quickly. I had to stop eating sweets: they just rot the teeth. I use a whitening toothpaste and stain removing tooth powder each night to keep my teeth whiter and stop them going yellow. I drink the odd glass of coca cola and eat chocolate: but the sweets are history. I also think coffee shouldn't turn your teeth too yellow. But it is wise to cut down. Anyhow, congratulations!


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