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Implant awareness and suggestions

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  • Implant awareness and suggestions

    I'm 42 years old. I am looking out for help with my problem. After losing a tooth I really struggled with eating, I would choke on food that hadn't been chewed because it was stuck in the gap between my teeth. I was literally biting my tongue far too many times. The first consultation in a dental clinic in Brampton went really well. The dentist said I had a good amount of bone to implant with and my nerves were not in any danger of getting in the way. So I decided to go for a dental implant surgery. link removed. The Doctor gave me full details of how to take care after surgery and told me about the consequences. Nothing is there to be worried but I really want testimonials from the people about the after-effects of dental implants. What all should I be aware of after the implant? Can anyone suggest the food that should be avoided which might trigger the pain?
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  • Dental implants are becoming the only way to go if you can afford them. I currently have 4 and I'm being prepped for a 5th one. It is not a quick process. Following the extraction there is a waiting period of 6 -8 or more weeks. During this time the bone and tissue will fill in. Then, if you don't need a bone graft they will drill in the receptacle for the post called the abutment. When the bone and tissue heals around this and it is fully integrated(another 6 - 8 or more weeks) they will put in the post. The tooth is readied and fitted to the post and - there you go. If you require a bone graft at any time this will add another period of time prior to implanting the post. All in all, it can take up to 6 or more months.

    As for results? I've been very happy and have not had a problem with them. They look and feel just like one's natural teeth.
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    • I can understand your concern and will tell you everything I know about this. First of all, you are facing so many problems with that lost teeth so it is clear that you need a tooth. Secondly, there is nothing to care about your teeth transplant surgery just you need to take care of the first month after the surgery. Do not drink cold things like cold coffee or ice cream. Also, don’t eat hard eatables like toast and other things, this will harm your newly fixed tooth. After one month you can have cold items and other things as usual but care should be taken while having hard and solid food items that require teeth pressure. This can create a problem for you, hence it is always better to prevent than cure. I hope this answer will help you.


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