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missing tooth...help.

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  • missing tooth...help.

    ok here is my dilema...if anyone can answer me please do.
    i had a root canal done almost 2 yrs ago on a side tooth that you really cant see even if i smile. i never had it capped cuz i had other stuff going on in my life so that took a back seat.
    about 4 mo ago the inner filling fell out, then 1 week later the front part broke off. so just the back part of the tooth was still attached. i was going to get it removed all the way.
    now the back part broke off today. so just the root of the tooth is left in there.
    so my question is...do i have to get the root taken out?? the tooth is dead from the root canal previously. so it doesnt hurt or anything.
    please let me know.
    Smile...it's not so bad.

  • I was in this same situation a few years ago......actually, I have lost the filling in one root canal and tooth chipped away around a filling in another root canal (parents never took me to a dentist as a kid).

    Anyways, the one that the filling came out, I just had them pull the tooth. It was right next to a wisdom tooth so you can't tell. You can have a bridge (which is a false tooth in the middle and then the tooth on each side of the false one is capped--its one peice, hence "bridge")

    The second one, half my tooth chipped away from a filling. The dentist actually grinded my tooth down to a knub and I had it capped over. It looks like a real tooth.

    They can do so much.....dentist even told me once that he could do a tooth implant I think he said something about putting a screw coming out of the jaw and through the gum
    OOOOoooooo I just got goosebumps!

    Good luck
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    • hmmmm

      If you out your dead teeth or root canal so you feel pain because i have experience of this and i already do this with my teeth. BTW just go to the dentist place and tell him/her. They give you best suggestion. May be they refill it and you feel better.

      Take care


      • Hi Tracie,
        In answer to removing the root of your tooth…You do not have one. A root canal is the removal of the root, which is why your tooth is dead.

        The reason you are now losing the tooth in bits and pieces is because the tooth is dead, therefore it has become very brittle. A newly root canaled tooth needs to be capped or crowned or the end result is what you are going through now.

        Root canals are to fix the pain of an abscessed tooth (infected root) but the crown is required to ensure that you retain the tooth. You now have a few options at this point:

        1. Remove the remaining pieces of the tooth, a simple extraction, live with the gap
        2. Extraction of the remaining pieces, then place a bridge or partial, depending on the location
        3. Extraction of the remaining pieces, then place an implant

        Meeting with your dentist will also help you decide which way to go as budget will also play a factor in the decision you make.

        Good Luck
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        • Actually, I had a tooth that had a root canal done, that's where they kill the nerves in the tooth, and I didn't have it crowned. It eventually broke as well, but because the roots of the tooth were still ok they screwed in metal posts into the roots and attached a fake tooth to the posts. You might not have to have the remaining of the tooth extracted, if your dentist is able to do that.


          • i recently went in for an emergency visit with my dentist. i lost a filling while at work and it was causing me pain. I went in early before work the next day, and was informed i needed a root canal done. I was unable to schedule an appointment for a month out due to work, and the dentist's schedule. Its now two weeks from my appointment, and i just lost most of the rest of the tooth in my dinner. I guess i'm wondering if i can still have the root canal done with just a base of a tooth left, and not the whole thing..


            • Tropicalgrl1 gave real solid advice...take it.

              Thank you for being accurate and direct Tropicalgrl1


              • "The site has tons of real testimonials and photos of people who have also used it, and it has truly made a difference in my life and countless others."

                Comments like these, especially those associated with an ad (illegal in here) or a link to a site (also illiegal in here) make me roll on the floor laughing.


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